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Got my 4th version back from the printer; made the holes line up better for the radiator, as well as made the chassis slightly wider, yet it still fits inside of the xbox one s.

Below are those photos showing the differences. The additional width allowed for the power supply to be slotted into place. You can see the back and the ability to mess with the backplate and m.2 mounting still.







Good news everyone! New block and fittings arrived.


Then even more good news! On the way to install the block and fittings, I found out my new processor was at best buy... so I went and picked up the PC to yank the proc out of. The rest of the system will be parted out and available on ebay to hopefully offset the cost of the build slightly.




Then started putting it all back together...






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Huge update.

Wasn't happy with how the old layout was turning out, so I scrapped it (shockingly at this point, I know /s), and moved onto a different idea.

First major update was shifting away from trying to cold weld the frame together, to making it via 3d printing. So I did up some prototypes in blender, and got them printed. Below I'll show off the 3rd prototype, and that's the one that is currently printed, but I got a 4th iteration already in the works which will optimize screw locations and internal layout liters.

View attachment 2481510

View attachment 2481511

Next was to use 6-32 Inserts with a 5.5 OD to provide locations for motherboard standoffs. Got them installed and motherboard situated.

View attachment 2481512

View attachment 2481513

This put the motherboard slightly above where I wanted it to go, but unless I wanted to hack parts off of it, it's what needs to be.

I'm thinking I will shift the bottom to having a tempered glass panel slightly offset from it, thus giving a few extra millimeters of clearance for the motherboard, and fittings.

I tried to find a few alternative pump/block combos, and people had suggested an Apogee Drive II, so I tried that out.... whoever thought it would fit... just, no. No it will not. I can't remember who you are, but you know. You know.

View attachment 2481514

So from then I found out about the "Alphacool Eisstation 40 DC-LT" - which is IMPOSSIBLE to buy right now, so I don't know when I can complete this project. If anyone has one lying around, I want it. Will pay full price plus shipping if you got one that is fully intact.

Found out I only had a 1 square inch area for both inlet and outlet tubing to route, so went with 3/8ths ID, 1/2" OD tubing to fit through the space between the memory and the heatsink. (pictured below)

View attachment 2481515

The pump will most likely need to sit where the end of the radiator is, as shown in the photo below, so I ordered a dual 50mm radiator, instead of using this triple - hoping the cooling will be enough for the Ryzen 7 Pro 4700G that will be in here now. (already ordered and on the way, along with a new waterblock, pump, etc etc)

View attachment 2481516

So here is where we are for now, waiting to buy that res/pump housing, waiting for other parts, planning out the final loop.

View attachment 2481517
This is incredible, any chance you could share .STL file? I'm pursuing a similar project and would love to see how this works out for what I have in mind

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Work finally went underway today and I got some progress updates. Loop finally had a chance to be filled, was shocked at how quick it was.


It booted just fine, no leaks so far - only filled with distilled water for now.


Any suggestions on how to bleed the system? Being so small I'm not sure how to deal with it. haha

Finally got it mounted back into the xbox outer shell and it's booted back into windows for the first time in a while!


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So I must apologize - I've been slacking hardcore! I've had the PC done for a few weeks actually. Got the side panel on and everything is sorted. Build is done.... for now. Updated initial post on page 1 with the information. Here is a teaser!

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