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Grrr, I accidentally erased everything i had written

Tonight i was cleaning my system for the first time and planned on changing it up a bit to improve temps and so on. Anywho, getting 7/16th tubing off 1/2 barbs is really really really hard unless I cut the tubing, which i did. While i was at it i noticed running mayhems pastel concentrate stuff thingy it's actually stained my tubing a kind of off yellow collor and have decided to go to distilled water with colored tubing. Also while changing tubing i plan on switching to a d5 instead of this bay res/x20 750 pump i have.



RES>PUMP CONNECTOR THINGY(i don't want to use tubing for this and have the res mounted directly to the tubing, this should allow me to do that, and possibly suspend my pump in the air?)


how does that all look?

so it'll look something like this.
res(red box)>pump(green box)>240>gpu>360>cpu>res
(blue is the new tubing placements)
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