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Expert Help for a dude new at overclocking

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Hey there, I need a kind expert to give me some advice.

---This is my rig (for overclock use)---
Processor - i7 920 @ 2.66 GHz
PSU - 475W
Cooling (stock from Dell)

Alright experts, Now here is my intent. I don't want the most intense BCLK that you can get out of the i7 920. I just want to get the most out of the rig I have at hand w/o upgrading components.

The components used are alright, but I do greatly understand that a 475W is not the most powerful PSU out there and that stock cooling can only take me so far.

My target with these specs would be 3.33GHZ - 3.5GHZ

What would you experts recommend?

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I would recomned that you add your system info in the User CP so we can all see what we are dealing with.
Are you sure you can even overclock it in the BIOS?

Even if you can, I wouldn't overclock on stock cooling. i7 CPUs run very hot when OCed, especially with inadequate cooling.
You could try setting your BLK to 166 and leaving the rest at stock. Fill in your system specs in the user cp so we can see the rest of your components. I would worry about the PSU. 475w from an off brand could kill the chances of a decent overclock, especially if you have a hungry graphics card or other components.
oh yes my bad guys,

It runs on a DX58SO chipset. So yes you can overclock it.

If anything, I want to avoid adding voltage if I can.

The highest voltage I'll be hitting would be 1.3V max
My GFX card is a Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 260 1792MB
I would not recommend overclocking an i7 920 on stock cooling. In addition, you need to go into the motherboard BIOS to see if it allows you to alter the base clock at all. Most computer manufacturers don't allow people to alter the bus's or voltages in the BIOS. You should be able to overclock the graphics card somewhat with tools such as RivaTuner though.
I recommend upgrading that PSU. That is going to cause you problems before anything else you have.

What if I just tried raising the BCLK to 166 instead of 133. Leaving everything else at stock like Matareika said
Alright, so I understand that a better PSU and cooling would be swell. Alright, so instead of overclocking just yet... Ill order some better ****.

Now... This is what I got right here... http://www.dell.com/us/en/home/deskt...s&cs=19&~ck=mn

Its all stock stuff. What power supply do I need to get a great speed? and what kind of cooling should I get? (I want to stick with air cooling)

Im not an idiot and I'm not going to screw with my system. My concern with cooling... I was wondering if you guys could tell me where I could possibly throw more cooling in that thing?

Yes, Im a noob when it comes to this
I happily admit it!
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