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Explorer.exe missing

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A buddy of mine has an issue with his laptop. When you loadany of the user accounts explorer.exe does not load with them and will NOT load if I try to create a new task. I went into safe mode to create a new account and it is the same story. I have done the updates but that didn't help this issue either.

I'm thinking its pretty much down to repair (does it ever work?..lol) or a reinstall.

Anyone encounter this issue?

EDIT: When logging on I get this msg:

Windows cannot find '(null)". Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To Search for a file, click the Start button, and then click the search button.
I see the desktop background. I am able to open iexplore still (thankfuly).
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You may need your XP disk for this.

Click new task, then type:

sfc /scannow

Note the space between c and /

Click OK.

It'll scan through, and it should find explorer.exe missing and prompt you for the CD to replace the file. Let me know how this goes..

And if that doesn't work

Download FixO.exe where ever you can get to it easiest through task manager.
Run FixO.exe to install the program.
After it's installed, go into the FixO folder (it'll be where you saved FixO.exe) and run FixO.bat.
When it's done running a notepad will appear with a log, please copy the contents of the notepad and paste it into your next reply.

Reboot your computer and see if explorer is back.
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I tried sfc /scannow and it asked me for the Windows XP Pro cd. Windows media center 2002 is the os though..
I put my XP pro in and now it wants a second XP pro CD.. I don't remember a second CD..Maybe I lost it but, I'm at a stand still now.. Its ~99% through the file protection so I'm going to find someone with Pro cd2..
If that doesn't work, I'll try your method #2. Thanks for the help!
cd2 should be the media center disc
pro doesnt have more than 1 disc
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