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Extending Wifi Range

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Ok, I have sort of run into an issue with my PS3 being in a good range of our wireless router. I used to get around 60% in my living room, which was quite good to play call of duty on, without lag. Then we moved it upstairs, and when that happened, the signal dropped to 15-20%, which then, it practically cannot do anything because the PS3 says this connection sucks and moves on without any attempt at all. Using an Ethernet port is not an option, we have CAT.5e connections in every room but our game room.

My question, how can I extend the range, greatly, without buying a new wireless router to put upstairs near that room?
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What router, i remember linksys use to make signal amplifiers that you just plug into the wall. or it might be a bridge, i cant remember. Is it wireless N or b/g?
Its this one:


I am going to talk to him about getting a bridge, he bought this antenna extender, but I don't think that will work to well.
Problem with extender's is they reduce your signal by half each time they hit a new extender. Power-Line Networking isn't a bad option but I would use it as a last resort.

Try getting a larger directional antenna vs a omnidirectional. Issue with Omni's is if your router is near a external wall some of your signal is wasted while a directional will allow you to place your signal for maximum effectiveness.

Other option which I think is the best is to wire the area with cat5e and hard line whatever you can.

EDIT: I use this option now until I finish wiring cat5e http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2007/10/...your-xbox-360/ basically I turned my old WRT54G into a wireless receiver and I am getting faster DL and UL speeds then my old place (10mb down 2mb up).

Ya, i have seen that, but I don' think my dad want to put some dorks mods on his wifi router. Besides that, It would make the 15% signal any better.
hay its worth a try
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