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Just wondering peoples opinions about two motherboard and which would last longer / preform better.
The Asus Sabertooth X79
The ASRock Extreme 6

Both LGA 2011 boards.

Thoughts? The Sabertooth seems to have better cooling, features, and SSD caching which might be better for me since Ill be having a SSD and HD. Another question about that in a minute.

or the AsRock Extreme 6 which looks to have better Audio, dual LAN speed which I wont really need I don't think (does it help? I only have one router) and some more things.

My original choice would be the Sabertooth and i'm favoring towards that especially since it's Asus which is a brand I trust but any other opinions? Also how does the SSD caching work on that? I'm planning on using my SSD for my OS, Most used programs including Adobe, and a few games. HD for misc things such as video clips, music, etc. So does using the feature built in help? Would it still be as easy to install and save things as if I had them seperately?

Also can I install programs on the HD to run it off even if my OS is on my SSD?

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