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I finally got to go home and test out my rig a bit today.. I ran into one of my many Walmart fans (about 2 ft diameter) and decided to open the side of my case and just blast it.

Temps without the huge thing are 30 idle and 53 on P95 for the CPU, and 30 idle/65-70 max for my Gtx460 depending on the overclock. My temps dropped to 23 idle on the CPU and 40c load while the GPU idled at 28c and topped at 50c @ 972mV 850core 2050 memory and 55c @ 1078 (max volts), 950 core and 2100 memory. Besides the fact that it looks like crap I think it's very effective. May look into getting a black fan and incorporate that on the side of my case.

Do any of you use effective home-made solutions for cooling?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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