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Today, at Mobile World Conference 2013 in Barcelona, Intel is launching Medfield's successor, codenamed Clover Trail+. The name is rather confusing, since Clover Trail is a tablet platform - Intel could've simplified this by calling the new chip "Medfield+." Nevertheless, Clover Trail+ is a smartphone product. The actual chip will be known as the Atom Z2580 with XMM 6360 (that's Intel's own modem solution). The modem is a slight upgrade over the XMM 6260 that shipped with Medfield last year; the 6360 supports up to 42Mbps over HSDPA in a significantly smaller package. Also at MWC, Intel has announced a bunch of Bay Trail (next-gen, out-of-order Atom) and Medfield product wins.

This time around, Intel is launching a full set of SKUs at multiple price points - and it's ramping up its dual-core smartphone technology is a serious way.

At the high end, the Z2580 will run at up to 2GHz and up to four threads, while the Z2560 and Z2520 top out at 1.6GHz and 1.2GHz respectively. The Z2560 should still be faster than last year's Medfield, thanks to the benefit of dual-cores, while the Z2520 replaces Intel's Z2420 (and doubles the number of cores/threads). The other major advantage to Clover Trail+ is the underlying graphics horsepower. Graphics performance was one place where Medfield sagged in comparison to modern smartphones of 2012, and Intel has taken steps to improve 2013 performance. The Z2580 uses a 544GXMP2 chip at up to 533MHz, compared to a 400MHz single-core SGX540 in Medfield.

Clover Trail+'s graphics performance should more than double thanks to this upgrade and could even be faster than Clover Trail's tablet performance - provided the chip doesn't exceed its thermal maximum and down-throttle.
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