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Hey, I was just wondering if anyone else experienced that ? I know I should see a doctor etc, but it happened when I was pretty tired and I think it might just be I did too much video games that day..

I was wondering if anyone experienced that, the other day it lasted almost 10 mn It was a bit scary..

It already happened to me once like a month ago or so.

When that happend for 10mn I could see like a shape kinda like a ( tilted mostly on my eye but it seemed like it was on both mmh.. very strange.

Just wondering if any of you already experienced that and it could be just that I abused of gaming ! and that I was tired too.

Also I was playing dungeon defenders that game is so colorful and stuff goes fast on the screen..

Otherwise yea I think I need to see an ophtalmologist just to make sure !
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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