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[email protected] Error

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So when trying to fold on both of my 8800GS I get the fallowing error when I try to initialize my second GPU.

"At present your GPU is not supported or you need a current driver. You may wish to consider running our standard client, which you can download at folding.stanford.edu"

And I have the latest driver just an FYI. It work for a short time when I first set it up and not nothing.
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Oh crap i have just seemed to recall that I no longer have a dummy plug could this be why???

I think it was because I do not have a dummy plug. But you have to love win7 because you can make it trick your computer into thinking that you have a monitor hooked up when you don't really have one.

Well now that I have tricked it into thinking have a monitor hooded up it seems like it is folding. I shall keep you all posted. God I had when I make a thread were I need help only to solve my own issue after words.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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