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After 3 restarts (and things working fine) I get this lovely Vista warning...

Running the GPUv2 client and the x86 uniprocessor client (both system tray versions).

The x86 client is set to Machine # 1, GPU client to Machine # 2.

So what's the conflict now?
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Lol by the title I thought you meant your ppd was HUGE lol.

[21:35:44] ***** Got a SIGTERM signal (2)
[21:35:44] Killing all core threads

[email protected] Client Shutdown.

Restarting doesn't work, getting that as an error.
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A sigterm signal is a shutdown command. Its pretty much a kill switch. Make a copy of your client folder and delete the work files in the copy. Then use the copy to test and see if the problem is still there. If it isnt then delete your work files in the original folder and fold away. If it is still there you might have to reinstall your cleint.
Renamed the links, and it appears to work now -- but lost the ATI WU.

There is a big difference between academic computing and computing in the everyday world. These clients shouldn't be this difficult to install and work, and in their zest for "elegance", hamper folks in actually wanting to help. The how-tos to getting this thing started with just one client is enough to make most turn the other way -- 2 even those who bother with 1 client.

BTW, OCN needs a GPU+Uniprocessor guide. All that's up there are dual GPUs and with and without SMP.
It happens.. most likely you have to kill the cores in Task Manager and you as well will lose the WU because of MISSING_WORK_FILES error.

I have this on SMP every 5-10 WU's of constant crunching.
[email protected] seriously needs to adopt what [email protected] offers -- partial credit even of error riden WUs. If that INTEL WU goes I'll be one PO'd donor, as it's been churning for over 12hrs!
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