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Facing any Crashes for Fallout 3(even after patched)

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Hi Guys I know there is an official thread...but I thought I might make a thread for people experiencing any technical problems even after the patch...It crashed for me quite a lot and got really frustrated as I couldn't finish the missions properly.

Here what you can do...

Solution 1- possible causes

1. FFDshow

I have absolutely, no idea why fallout 3 requires this but what the hell, its causing conflicts.

Here what if you have K-Lite Codec or ffdshow installed...Here what you do.
in Xp...
Start>All Programs>K-Lite Codec Pack>Configuration>ffdshow audio decoder>Click on Edit>Click add and find the .exe for fallout 3(where you have installed it)...This will make the game exempt from it.

Solution 2...

one of the other problems is that the game doesn't seem to like AA. Maxing out AA caused some serious crashes. I reduced mine to 4xAA and it didn't crash at all.

Solution 3

Raise the priority. In task manager. Alt tab out of it and raise the priority..


I don't know whether its a combination of both but doing all of this certainly did help.
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