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FAH priority

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In task manager, is it advisable to change the priority of each instance of fah console to anything other than low? I was just thinking about the warning message saying it could cause system instability...does it increase performance at all anyway to increase?
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It won't change your performance of FAH. In fact, it will make your overall system slower. All that the "Low" designation means is that if another program (example: Firefox or Windows Explorer) needs some CPU time, FAH will back down and and let them have what they need. FAH only uses extra CUP cycles, so it does not bog your system down to a crawl.
Personally, I like to set it to medium. I find that sometimes it really slows [email protected] down just to open a browser, etc.

I set it to "realtime" once and my system locked up. Won't do that again
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Just keep it on Low, I was messing around seeing if it helped and all it did was make other programs slower when I tried to use them....

It'll set itself back to Low anyway after if finishes a WU
I'm dual core so I set fah affinity to core 1 and priority realtime when I'm not in need of processing power.
I leave mine set to low in task manager and set to "idle" in the FAH console itself.

Technically, setting to higher priority would make FAH faster, as it would no longer slow down to allow other programs access tot he CPU, however, as has been mentioned, this will cause noticeable lag in your other operations as they struggle to use whatever FAH lets them.
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