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FAHmon help please

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So, i downloaded FahMon 2.1.5 and it opened up and said "pictures missing" so i said ok, that shouldn't do anything. I hope that doesn't have to do with the real problem- i tell it to add a client, and I can't find any. I add client, click on the "..." and go to the folder that the client is in, however i click add and it shows no stats, and list contributor as "anonymous". How do i get it to recognize the client?
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I have this problem too, but it started after a month of using it. Try downloading it again (I just stopped using it).
When you add the client just enter work first line then the location second line....that is what I had to do...so maybe try that..And also if you are listed as anonymous then check here on fixing that Checkthis
The Missing picture thing started with me when I "Pinned" the .exe to the XP Start Menu. Oddly enough if I made a shortcut to the desktop it was fine--also if I pinned the shortcut it was fine.

As far as finding and adding a client here is how I do it. I use the console .exe from Stanford. First Make a Folder for each [email protected] and name them FAH1,FAH2 etc to keep them seperate. Do the same for the .exe file. Actuate [email protected] by double clicking the .exe and follow the instructions in the command window. This process creates a Work folder inside the Folder you created as well FAHlog.txt, which is what FAHmon needs.

Install FAHmon.

I right click the empty pane of the FAHmon window and a menu appears that lets me browse to the FAH Folder either on my PC or on my network PCs. I simply highlight the Work folder and then create a name for the client.

Hope that helps.
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alright, thanks guys i'll try some of that.

-edit- it's working now. thanks!
Good. Guess I will take my own advice and reactivate the Farm.
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