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So, lately I've been playing these two games, and I had modest expectations for both (I haven't genuinely had fun playing first-person shooters in quite some time). Both had excellent reviews, but that hasn't meant much to me.

Anyhow, Bioshock was a mild disappointment. Don't get me wrong, the presentation and everything about the game feels top-notch. Some things are very satisfying. The atmosphere created in the game is very engrossing...but it's also is sort of the problem. This is the first game where I feel like I'm not having any FUN. I feel stressed more often than not because I'm either wondering what I have to do next, or some loud-talking scary person is popping out of nowhere and attacking me. Throw in some security cameras, the fact that already-cleared areas can still have baddies show up, everything is dark...and there's hardly a moment of downtime or peace. When I was younger, that might've been cool and exciting. Me? All I want after a long day of work and commute is to have FUN and relax a bit. Not that I want things dull, but I get enough stress from the real world that I don't need it from games. I think I'll still try to finish it for the sake of the gamer in me, but I hope it gets a little better (I'm about 1/4 to 1/3 done).

Fallout3, on the other hand, completely surprised me. Looking back, it probably shouldn't have because I loved Oblivion, which is made by the same company. But yea, it's been a while since I've been this pleased with a game. The story sucked me in from the very beginning, and I find myself actually caring about the characters and finding out more of the plot. The combat elements are a nice blend of action and RPG/stats, and it definitely doesn't feel overly tense. It also has some nice improvements over Oblivion in that the leveling system is more conventional and intuitive. The menus and stuff are a lot better, too. And a big plus for me is knowing that my current rig--9600GT and all--can play this game completely smooth on high settings at my monitor's max/native resolution of 1280x1024. Until I upgrade monitors to a larger res, I don't think there's going to be any game that needs a stronger CPU or GPU (minus Crysis, which isn't even a game I want to own badly). Oh, and I haven't experienced any bugs or glitches that I've heard so often about this game.

So yea, just my honest opinions. I really want to like Bioshock more, especially after the rave reviews and such. The plasmids are damn cool. But for my money and my lifestyle (no longer the on-edge hyper gamer), I take Fallout 3.
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