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Fallout 3 bug (Crash EVERY TIME :/ )

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Anyone else have this bug, i've only just started playing and in metagon in the salon the dude on the right waving me to come over (also who i am ment to go talk to on the quest) when i go over to him BOOM instant crash every freakin time, anyone experienced this ? an know how to fix it ? cheers, also im patched to
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You try using different drivers?
nope. don't get that crash. never ahve. what drivers are you using on your GPU?
Assuming you've tried the obvious: Run as administrator / compatbility modes
and tried it with stock clocks (FO3's quite temperamental in my experience)
yeah tried all that and running 182.08 drivers,

this crash really annoying as ive only started playing it and cant go any further :/
I would try some older drivers, or may lowering your settings for GFX ingame.
I had lots of trouble with the older 182.xx drivers but the new ones work better for me.
Yeah, certain drivers can be buggy with certain games sometimes. Try using different drivers and see if you still crash. For me there are certain drivers that perform better/are more stable for certain games. You could also try re-installing the game. I've had that fix a few problems like this before. Plus, if you patched the game right after installing it, then uninstall the game/patch, reinstall the game, play for a few minutes, then patch it. Reason being, from what I've heard (and seems to have worked for me), patches are developed on games that have already been installed and played. Patching a fresh install can cause issues sometimes.

Good luck!
If nothing else works, re-install the game but not the patches. I beat the game without any patches, so I know the main quest should run fine without any patches.
I had a similar issue; crashing every couple of minutes no matter what driver I used. The only solution I could find was reducing the overclock on my GPU. After I did that I rarely had a problem with crashing again.
Try running in Windowed mode. My game still crashes but it seems to be a bit less frequent with in windowed mode.
I was forced to install the patch for Operation : Anchorage. After that I crash all the time whatever I do. I've cleared the game without patch with no problem so it looks like the patch is bugged.

Edit : True in window mode I don't crash at all but it not really an acceptable fix.
I uninstalled my copy when it started doing this and reinstalled it and it took care of all the problems.
Backup your saves and give it a shot!
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I haven't had a single problem with a decent overclock, but every system is different.

Originally Posted by FusionFX View Post
Try running in Windowed mode. My game still crashes but it seems to be a bit less frequent with in windowed mode.
That would be a graphics card problem then, right? Less pixels means less work.
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i've had this problem.....tbh i forgot what i had to do??????? if i remember ill be sure to tell you but yea it was like everytime i talked to someone or opened vats, but only in the wasteland, well only after the vault
I crash every single time i leave the vault, done numerous reinstalls and even a re-format. I'll try windowed mode next, thanks.
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