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Fan Controller Questions

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i need some help choosing a fan controller i have'd a nzxt sentry lx but its piece of crap just beeps and kills my fans makes a very hot unhappy cpu . i tried hooking it all up to a swiftech 8 way splitter that didnt work well 10 fans at 100% are just getting loud

i need some suggestions for a new controller currently i'm using a mish-mash of different fans sp120's, af 140's,EK-FAN Silent 120-1600 RPM and some random one that came with the pc . i am looking at getting some of ek's new ones

http://www.performance-pcs.com/ek-vardar-f4-120-2200rpm-high-performance-liquid-cooling-fan.html that or the ones that are 3000rpm anyone used them since i see there fairly new

i have 1 360 , 240 and cpu block and a d5-b still waiting on my gpu block dam shipping damage

Aquaero 5 LT ive been looking at how is it

Looking for thoughts on what is the best bang for the buck
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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