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Fan controllers

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I just upgraded my mobo and it seems my new one doesn't support intelligent fan control, so my CPU fan is at max RPM all day. Even when the system switches to standby mode, the HD powers down etc.. but the fans are still raging inside the case. I've done some research and my Mobo really doesn't have fan control so speedfan and other programs simply don't work because the 30$ (or whatever it was) is considered "read only" and won't accept any modification... Blahblah anyway to get to my question...

I've been looking at system fan controllers and have found quite a few here...


But I know from experience that if a CPU cooler fan isn't plugged into the mobo some systems flip out and refuse to POST. Are there any fan controllers that can control a CPU fan without this problem?
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Well you can go into the bios and ignore the readings the CPU fan is suppose to give.
That's the problem though and I forgot to mention it. There is no fan control in the bios either. It shows the CPU at a constant 30c, with the fan maxed at over 5k RPM constantly with no options to change it.
Pretty sure the Zalman's let you plug your CPU fan into them and then into your board!
(personaly I love my Scythe Kaze master!
Cheers & GL

[Edit] Here you go:
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and I'd go with the 6 channel one, unless you really want the two 12v/5v toggle switches!
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Ah good, I was hoping there'd be something out there that had a cable chain thing like that to fool the MB. Thanks
Ya, I have the same problem. I just ordered this http://www.xoxide.com/scythe-kamafan-525black.html

It was 48.80 with shipping from Xoxide. Best I could find, and a reliable controller that will take it all the way off to its highest RPM. But you could get a Sunbeam Rhobeous for 14.99 on newegg that comes out to be $21 after shipping.
I am going to make my own front panel fan controller, i will post pics on it later next week when I do it.

My antec 900, will look so much cleaner.
Ah I found what I was looking for.


I think that'll work fine and it plugs into the MB too.
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I did quite a bit of research on fan controllers, and nothing seems to stack up against this one in terms of specs:

Lamptron FC-2


45 Watts per channel max is key when you have some uber fans going..

Also available at performance-pcs.com.
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