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fan controllers

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What are your opinions on fan controllers?
I was thinking about purchasing one for a new build that I'm doing. I would like a simple device that can control the fan speeds(nothing digital and preferably one that will fit in a 3.5 bay) and works well!!! Do you know any good products out there?
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I love my Scythe Kaze Master(see my sig). It's for 5.25" bays, but there is a 3.5" version that can control 4 fans:

I think I'm going to get the 3.5in. sunbeam rheosmart 3 controller. I figure I can take advantage of the PWM control to monitor the intake fans while the dial on my storm sniper takes care of the rest. (or vice versa, haven't decided yet)

I just wish the LEDs were blue!!
I have the full size Rheosmart. Kicks some fan but! PWM Smart thingy only works on some fan's though. and at 30w per channel you can realy sting some fans to it. I currently have 2 san ace 1011's,3 anteck tricools and one 80mm AMD stock HS fan on one channel all fans spinn full power and the unit has yet to get hot or do anything weird
Logysis makes a fan controller and it's nothing fancy controls 3 fans and is very inexpensive. If your budget it extremely low get this one. But If you have a little more spending money go for another brand.
Sunbeam Rheobus if im using one, and made a custom face plate for one of my builds. I didnt use the black LED holders that came with it cause i wanted the face plate lit up, and swapped out the red/blue LED's for straight UV purple so when they were off it was below 7v, on was above.

I used a Forstner bit to sink the hole so the thumb nut would grip more than 1.5 threads



Yes, the PCB sits below the face plate because i needed the little bit of extra clearance for the 120 rad that was mounted above it and didnt want the heat sinks grounding out against the rad. I did have to trim the PCB a touch which wasnt a big deal. When moutning in the stock metal frame, there are two sets of nuts on each shaft to space it away from the PCB, but due to the thickness of the plexi face plate i couldnt use both nuts.



You can barely see, but in the space left on the left side, i mounted two micro switches from Radio Shack for CCFL control, so like a Zalman controller, but with 20W per channel on the rheo's.


Not using it right now, so i pulled it out of the drawer and snapped a couple shots.


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Rheosmart 6 or 3 our great choices if you have a lot of money get the lamptron fc-8. I own the Rheosmart 6 and it is an amazing controller the PWM function actually works for me too.
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