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Fan for a GTS 250

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Hello everyone! This is my first post, although I've been an avid reader for sometime. I recently purchased a PNY GTS 250 for folding and need some advice. It seems to be running rather hot with the stock cooler and I was looking for suggestions on a replacement fan that you all have had good luck with. Thanks in advance!

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Two things > What are your average idle/load temps. And I would reccommend upping the stock fan speed with EVGA precision or Rivatuner as opposed to a whole new cooler. I keep mine at 50=60% (35% stock). I rarely see my cards break 65* C under full load. Try that and if your still not happy . Then get a new cooler.
I'll give that a try Capwn. I'll take some readings of the temps before and after I adjust the fan speed and see where I'm at. Any idea of a safe operating temperature while folding for this card?
ive got a gts 250 OC, and it idles around 50 degrees

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ive got a gts 250 OC, and it idles around 50 degrees
Idling at 50C is a bit too much, mine idles at 35C max 40C after hard 2 hour gaming

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what you can do is put a fan standing strait blowing at the fan, it lower my temp 5C-10C, you can also change the thermal paste, lowers temps by 5C-7C.All what I've told you to do may lower your temps by 10C-15C
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Anything under 100*C I would think to be safe. Like I said neither of my cards get over 65*C while gaming or folding, and they are overclocked to 800/1200/1900. I usually idle in the high 30's low 40's.
This thread will probably be of some help to you. I tried it out, and it works better and quieter than just turning up your stock fan.

EDIT: I just used a random fan laying around and used it to push air into the fan on the card.
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