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Fan off

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Well, turn out that my videocard cooler is the loudest thing in my case

I plan to do one of the two things:

1) Get a three-way switch and have it be be able to switch from 5V to 12V with the switch to slow it down when not playing games.

2) Make the fan turn off while not playing a game with a two-way switch.

I would rather do the first option, but then i'd have to go out and buy a three-way switch. What do you guys think? (Unless there is a fan-slot on my motherboard that will allow me to change the RPMs from windows... though i dont think there is)
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or you can get a zalman Fan mate 2 which lets you adjust from 12V to 5v, and everything inbetween.
Well my idea was to use a 2-way switch (have laying here at home) or go to a hardware store and spend $5 max on a 3-way switch.
you would only need a two way. 12v and 5v two ways.
2-way is On/Off.
3-way allows you to direct your current.

Check my diagrams.

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