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Fan Power Question

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Ok, im thinking of picking up 3 of these (one for my rad, 2 for exhaust, i currently have my rad fan @ 700rpm's doing its job perfect)


I dont want extreme cooling, by any means. I just want to be silent. Just bought an H50 today, thats the first step. I will replace my PSU with a 850HX.

Now, if i plug these fans into a molex, they will spin @ 800RPM? I know that plugging fans into the motherboard for me makes it quieter since i have it set to silent. Im going to have to plug 2 of these fans into a molex converter, and dont want alot of noise AT ALL. oh and btw, if you have quieter fans, that at least do the job, then let me know. Any help really appreciated. thanks
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As far as I know these fans should still spin at 800 RPM when connected to molex power.
I have been looking for answers for awhile on which fan to use, which fan controller to use. But everything I pop the question, yate loons are always the answer. The low speed ones are cheap and according to them, performs very well (literally 7:10 ratio).
i refuse to use a fan controller, i just want quiet fans. As you can see, cost isnt really a big deal, spending $60 on 3 fans. I just want downright bleeping quiet as bleep. Ok, you get it. 800RPM seems very suitable for me and its rated for 8.7dBa. Anyone know any better ones?

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In that case, go for Noiseblockers.

I might buy a ton of those! Do you think one will buy enough for my rad or should i use two?
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