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Well right now I'm thinking of getting Silverstone FM123s for my True Copper for P/P config. Later on during the year/heading into next year, I'm planning on watercooling. Would these fans be good for a Feser 360 or BIX 360? ( i plan to buy more fans for the rads for dual rads
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They look ok. I'm not sure about static pressure though. Also depends on what speed you run them at. Above 70cfm the GTX will perform better than the TFC.
Cool, thanks for the info.
Long story short, those fans aren't good performers, and even more so if you end up with a BIX.


The Silverstone 'Debacle'

I have tested both the aforementioned FN122 and FM123 for Round 2 and have not listed their performance. I hate them with a passion. Neither are anywhere near their CFM ratings and the FM123 is more annoying to listen to than the 220CFM Deltas in Round 1. I'd go as far as saying it's more annoying than a crying baby. Unlike the baby though, you can kick it. At this point, the FM121, FM122, FM123, and FN122 have ranked among the most annoying or worst performing fans I have ever tested/used. They may all be lemons, but if the lemon rate coming out of Silverstone is 80%, you should stay away. If they are good representations, you should stay away. So ultimately, based on my experience with them, you should stay away. And I really don't have a bias...I actually like the FN121 quite a bit. Shame it has ******ed siblings.

I wanted to exclude all Silverstones from this test, but because I was using an FN121 as a carry-over all-star comparison from Round 1, that was not possible. It actually did fairly well in this round-up as well. Go figure.

Taken from THIS THREAD
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