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Fan/Rad Placement

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Is it beneficial to put the fan inside the case where the fan will be blowing air up(basically, air will be suctioned from the inside of the case then goes up and out the case) and through the rad or fan mounted outside the case where the air moves downward(outside air will be suctioned then goes down and inside the case) and through the rad?
I just thought that if hot air rises then technically you would be heating up the rad with the first choice, but the second choice would be problematic since the warm/hot air can't exhaust.
BTW, I have an XSPC RX360 and RX120 rad with 4 Delta afb rev. c fans.

thanks in advance
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Originally Posted by Juggalo23451
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I have my rad as the 1st option u said
My temps are fine for my i7

thanks, I was actually hoping you would answer my question
I will do the same config. as what you have since we both have the same case
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if you could mount the rad on the bottom of the case and had sufficient venting in the case floor, it could possibly make sense to intake cool air from below- thru rad and blow into the case, as i hear ambient temps aren't as important in a case when watercooling, as long as you had sufficient exhaust fans located on top of case to exhaust warm air out of case as quickly as possibly
I don't think it will much matter the placement of your rads because the efficiency if you're running a CPU only loop will be just a couple degrees, not worth the stress over imo, Just go with what you ilke and you can always flip it to go push or pull or however you choose.

The only qualm I would have with option two is you're suppressing the natural convection of heat which may or may not be an adverse side affect.
If your goal is to have the best/lowest temps then you need to supply cool/fresh air from the outside of the case to the radiators.

Good luck!
Always pull cooler room ambient air through your rad if you can, it might just be a couple of C but if I'm spending $3-500 for a CPU loop to get 10C-15C better temp's than a high end HSF, I want every C I can get.

If you leave the side off your case it doesn't matter much since the interior of your case will basically be at room ambient.
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