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Fans keep spinning even though my systems off?

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No idea where to put this, and it's about my air cooling, so I figured I'd put it here.

Why do my fans keep spinning for a good 30-45 seconds after the rest of my computer is off? Windows 7 goes to the turning off screen, and the screen goes black, which is usually when the fans just turn off and I go to bed.

But recently, my fans now just stay on for a good 30-45 seconds after the screen goes black. Anyone know why the heck this is happening?
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its actually a good thing, this is kind of what happens with your car as well. if the rad is hot the fans will stay running for a bit too cool the rad off to a certain temp before turning off, i would not be too alarmed at this as it is a cool feature that should be on all systems now if you turn your computer off.

but if you do not want it to do that then check your BIOS for a setting that leaves the fans on.
Just throwing snowballs but I would think that it's just leftover power still left in your pc after you turn it off.

Whenever I turn mine off, my power supply led fan stays on for an extra 20 seconds. Pretty cool lol, I unplug the power cable and the led fan still stays on
Are you using Speedfan? If memory serves, theres a little tick box that allows fans to go high speed at shut down.

Either way, its not a biggy... its actually a good thing.
i think thats a good thing, lets the computer cool off. there should be a setting in the bios, iv seen it.
Oh, alright, that's fine then. No, my temps have been the same ol'. But I was just wondering why this started happening now and not when I just got my computer.
dont worry about it. its a system cooling measure that most new pcs do. it exits most the hot air so that system can stay cool when its turned off. so dw hapens to my pc too
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