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Thermaltake Toughpower 750W:


Currently on rebate for $144 from $175 - maybe point that out.

Jonnyguru said it was great:


In the past, Thermaltake has gotten a lot of grief. They had been known to sell power supplies that were "behind the times" in terms of the ATX standards, but dressed up in a lot of glorious bling giving the power supplies an appeal to the naive. Certainly the best way to shake that old stigma is to release a product that is a no holds barred kick butt power supply. The Toughpower 750W fits that bill with plenty of power, good efficiency, active power factor correction, and solid construction.

This PSU gets a well deserved "jonnyGURU Recommended"
I'm hoping to get one soon

Also, my Tagan 480W is just $91 here:


And I've found it excellent - it truly is silent, I really can't hear it, and I have a silent PC
Even though its got 2 x 80mm fans
Great for a backup/older rig
1 - 1 of 6874 Posts
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