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What we have here is an extensive, but not exhaustive, list of quality, reliable power supplies. It's a constantly updating resource that will be amended as new relevant products reach the market or current ones end their production cycles.

The list is mostly comprised of high availability units offered by global brands, if your current power supply isn't among those listed you shouldn't automatically assume it's an inferior, non-recommendable product, there are many other good-to-excellent PSUs sold under a variety of local or regional brands, if you're uncertain about the quality and/or reliability of your PSU just ask, either here or by creating a dedicated thread.

I assume, since you're reading this, that you're aware of the importance of buying and using a quality power supply, so without being a bore I'll just say this: it will allow your hardware to function properly, it will not negatively impact its lifespan and it provides critical electrical protections.

You can access the manufacturer's product page of each and every unit listed below by clicking directly on it, green units are yet to be released and orange units are new and may not be readily available, links to relevant reviews are also included. Many of the power supplies listed below share the same internals, so for units that lack competent reviews but have mirror products in the list that do have such reviews you'll be forwarded to the respective mirror product's review, these reviews are marked with an asterix*.

For a proper, comprehensive review database I suggest you visit RealHardTechX, an extensive, easy to navigate and up to date resource. Try to stick to reputable, competent reviewers when doing such research, I'd recommend JonnyGURU, TechPowerUp, Hardware Secrets, HardOCP, PC Perspective, KitGuru and for a touch of exotism IT OCP and Playwares.

One last thing, before buying anything, do your homework, size your PSU properly and keep an eye on value as well.

Last update: 25 August 2014


(Click on a specific section to jump to it)

  • 1000-1700W

  • 800-999W

  • 700-799W

  • 600-699W

  • 500-599W

  • 400-499W

  • Sub 400W

  • SFX and TFX

Units suggested based on wattage:


BrandSeriesModelWattageManufacturer (OEM) Modular Efficiency Review
AerocoolGT seriesGT-1050SG1050HECSemiGoldKitGuru
AntecHigh Current ProHCP-12001200Delta ElectronicsSemiGoldJonnyGURU
AntecHigh Current Pro Platinum HCP-1000 Platinum1000Delta ElectronicsFullyPlatinumJonnyGURU
AntecHigh Current Pro PlatinumHCP-1300 Platinum1300Delta ElectronicsFullyPlatinumJonnyGURU
AzzaPlatinumPSAZ-1000PT141000Super FlowerSemiPlatinumJonnyGURU
be quiet!Dark Power Pro P10BQT P10-1000W1000SeasonicSemiGoldTechPowerUp
be quiet!Dark Power Pro P10BQT P10-1200W1200SeasonicSemiGoldKitGuru
Cooler MasterSilent Pro GoldRS-A00-80GA-D31000Enhance ElectronicsSemiGold
Cooler MasterSilent Pro GoldRS-C00-80GA-D31200Enhance ElectronicsSemiGoldJonnyGURU
Cooler MasterSilent Pro M2RS-A00-SPM2-D31000Enhance ElectronicsSemiGoldTechPowerUp
Cooler MasterV seriesRS-A00-AFBA-G11000SeasonicFullyPlatinumJonnyGURU
Cooler MasterV seriesRS-C00-AFBA-G11200SeasonicFullyPlatinumTechPowerUp
CorsairAXi seriesAX1200i1200FlextronicsFullyPlatinumJonnyGURU
CorsairAXi seriesAX1500i1500FlextronicsFullyTitaniumJonnyGURU
CorsairHX seriesHX10501050CWTSemiGoldPlaywares
CorsairRM seriesRM10001000CWTFullyGoldPlaywares
EVGASuperNOVA1000 G11000FSPFullyGold
EVGASuperNOVA1000 G21000Super FlowerFullyPlatinumJonnyGURU
EVGASuperNOVA1000 P21000Super FlowerFullyPlatinumJonnyGURU
EVGASuperNOVA1200 P21200Super FlowerFullyPlatinumJonnyGURU
EVGASuperNOVA1300 G21300Super FlowerFullyGoldJonnyGURU
EVGASuperNOVA1600 G21600Super FlowerFullyGold
EVGASuperNOVA1600 P21600Super FlowerFullyPlatinum
EVGASuperNOVA1600 T21600Super FlowerFullyTitanium
Fractal DesignNewton R3FD-PSU-NT3B-1000W 1000ATNGSemiPlatinumJonnyGURU
Fractal DesignTesla R2FD-PSU-T2SB-1000W1000ATNGNoGoldJonnyGURU
FSPAurum ProAU-1000PRO1000FSPSemiGoldJonnyGURU
FSPAurum ProAU-1200PRO1200FSPSemiGoldHardOCP
High PowerAstro PTAPT-10001000SirtecSemiPlatinum
High PowerAstro PTAPT-12001200SirtecSemiPlatinum
HuntkeyX7X7 12001200HuntkeySemiGoldIT OCP
KingwinLazer GoldLZG-10001000Super FlowerSemiGoldJonnyGURU
KingwinLazer GoldLZG-13001300Super FlowerSemiGoldJonnyGURU*
KingwinLazer PlatinumLZP-10001000Super FlowerSemiPlatinumJonnyGURU
KingwinLazer PlatinumLZP-12001200Super FlowerSemiPlatinum
KingwinLazer PlatinumLZP-13001300Super FlowerSemiPlatinum
LepaG seriesG1000-MA1000EnermaxSemiGoldJonnyGURU
LepaG seriesG1200-MA1200EnermaxSemiGold
LepaG seriesG1600-MA1600EnermaxFullyGoldJonnyGURU
LepaMaxPlatinum P1050-MA1050EnermaxFullyPlatinum
LepaMaxPlatinum P1700-MA1700EnermaxFullyPlatinum
NZXTHale90 v2NP-1GM-1000A1000FSPFullyGoldTechPowerUp
NZXTHale90 v2NP-1GM-1200A1200FSPFullyGold
OCZZX seriesOCZ-ZX1000W1000Great WallFullyGoldJonnyGURU
OCZZX seriesOCZ-ZX1250W1250Great WallFullyGoldTechPowerUp
PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK IIIPPCMK3S12001200Super FlowerSemiPlatinumJonnyGURU
RosewillLightningLightning-10001000Super FlowerSemiGold
RosewillLightningLightning-13001300Super FlowerSemiGoldJonnyGURU
RosewillTachyonTachyon-10001000Super FlowerSemiPlatinumJonnyGURU
RosewillCapstone ModularCapstone-1000M1000Super FlowerSemiGoldJonnyGURU
SeasonicX seriesSS-1050XM21050SeasonicFullyGoldKitGuru
SeasonicX seriesSS-1250XM21250SeasonicFullyGoldJonnyGURU
SenteyGolden Steel Power SMGSP1000-SM1000Super FlowerSemiGold
SenteyPlatinum PowerLTP1000-SM1000Super FlowerSemiPlatinumJonnyGURU
SilverstoneStrider Gold EvolutionST1000-G Evolution1000Enhance ElectronicsFullyGoldJonnyGURU
SilverstoneStrider Gold EvolutionST1200-G Evolution1200Enhance ElectronicsFullyGold
SilverstoneStrider Gold SST-1500-GS1500Enhance ElectronicsFullyGold
Super FlowerGolden GreenSF-1000P14XE1000Super FlowerSemiGoldJonnyGURU*
Super FlowerGolden GreenSF-1300P14XE1300Super FlowerSemiGoldJonnyGURU
Super FlowerGolden KingSF-1000P14PE1000Super FlowerSemiPlatinumJonnyGURU
Super FlowerGolden KingSF-1200P14PE1200Super FlowerSemiPlatinum
Super FlowerLeadex GoldSF-1000F14MG1000Super FlowerFullyPlatinumPlaywares
Super FlowerLeadex GoldSF-1300F14MG1300Super FlowerFullyGoldJonnyGURU
Super FlowerLeadex GoldSF-1600F14MG1600Super FlowerFullyGold
Super FlowerLeadex PlatinumSF-1000F14MP1000Super FlowerFullyPlatinumJonnyGURU
Super FlowerLeadex PlatinumSF-1200F14MP1200Super FlowerFullyPlatinumTechPowerUp
Super FlowerLeadex PlatinumSF-1600F14MP1600Super FlowerFullyPlatinum
Super FlowerLeadex TitaniumSF-1000F14MT1000Super FlowerFullyTitanium
Super FlowerLeadex TitaniumSF-1300F14MT1300Super FlowerFullyTitanium
Super FlowerLeadex TitaniumSF-1600F14MT1600Super FlowerFullyTitanium
Super FlowerArcticSF-1200P14PE1200Super FlowerSemiPlatinum
ThermaltakeToughpowerTP-1000M1000Enhance ElectronicsSemiGold
ThermaltakeToughpowerTP-1200M1200Enhance ElectronicsSemiSilver
ThermaltakeToughpowerTP-1500M1500Enhance ElectronicsSemiSilverTechPowerUp
ThermaltakeToughpower DPS GoldTPG-1050D1050SirtecFullyGold
ThermaltakeToughpower DPS PlatinumTPG-1050D-A1050SirtecFullyPlatinum
ThermaltakeToughpower DPS PlatinumTPG-1250D-A1250SirtecFullyPlatinum
ThermaltakeToughpower XT GoldTPX-1375M1375CWTSemiPlatinumJonnyGURU
ThermaltakeToughpower XT GoldTPX-1475M1475CWTSemiPlatinumJonnyGURU
ThermaltakeToughpower XT PlatinumTPX-1275M1275CWTSemiPlatinumJonnyGURU


BrandSeriesModelWattageManufacturer (OEM)Modular Efficiency Review
AntecHigh Current Gamer MHCG-850M850SeasonicSemiBronzeTechPowerUp
AntecHigh Current ProHCP-850850Delta ElectronicsSemiGoldJonnyGURU
AntecHigh Current Pro Platinum HCP-850 Platinum850Delta ElectronicsFullyPlatinumJonnyGURU
AzzaPlatinumPSAZ-850PT14850Super FlowerSemiPlatinum
be quiet!Dark Power Pro P10BQT P10-850W850SeasonicSemiPlatinumJonnyGURU
Cooler MasterSilent Pro M2RS-850-SPM2-D3850Enhance ElectronicsSemiSilverTechPowerUp
Cooler MasterV seriesRS-850-AFBA-G1850SeasonicFullyGoldJonnyGURU
CorsairRM seriesRM850850Chicony Power Technology FullyGoldJonnyGURU
CorsairHX seriesHX850850CWTSemiGoldJonnyGURU
CorsairAX seriesAX860860SeasonicFullyPlatinumTechPowerUp
CorsairAXi seriesAX860i860FlextronicsFullyPlatinumJonnyGURU
EVGASuperNOVA850 G2850Super FlowerFullyGoldJonnyGURU
Fractal DesignNewton R3FD-PSU-NT3B-800W 800ATNGSemiPlatinumTechPowerUp
Fractal DesignTesla R2FD-PSU-T2SB-800W800ATNGNoGold
FSPAurum ProAU-850PRO850FSPSemiGoldHardware Secrets
In WinCommander IIICommander 800 III800PowerManSemiGoldJonnyGURU
KingwinLazer PlatinumLZP-850850Super FlowerSemiPlatinumHardware Secrets
KingwinLazer GoldLZG-850850Super FlowerSemiGoldJonnyGURU
LepaG seriesG850-MAS850CWTSemiGoldTechPowerUp
NZXTHale90 v2NP-1GM-0850A850FSPFullyGoldTechPowerUp
OCZZX seriesOCZ-ZX850W850Great WallFullyGoldTechPowerUp
PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK IIIPPCMK3S850850Super FlowerSemiGoldJonnyGURU
RosewillLightningLightning-800800Super FlowerSemiGold
SeasonicM12II BronzeSS-850AM850SeasonicSemiBronze
SeasonicM12II Bronze EVO EditionSS-850AM2850SeasonicSemiBronzeJonnyGURU
SeasonicX seriesSS-850KM3850SeasonicFullyGoldHardOCP
SenteyPlatinum PowerLTP850-SM850Super FlowerSemiPlatinum
SenteyGolden Steel Power SMGSP850-SM850Super FlowerSemiGoldJonnyGURU
SilverstoneStrider Gold SST85F-GS850Enhance ElectronicsFullyGoldJonnyGURU
Super FlowerGolden KingSF-850P14PE850Super FlowerSemiPlatinum
Super FlowerGolden GreenSF-850P14XE850Super FlowerSemiGold
Super FlowerLeadex GoldSF-850F14MG850Super FlowerFullyGold
Super FlowerLeadex PlatinumSF-850F14MP850Super FlowerFullyPlatinum
Super FlowerLeadex TitaniumSF-850F14MT850Super FlowerFullyTitanium
ThermaltakeToughpower GoldTP-850M850Enhance ElectronicsSemiGold
ThermaltakeToughpower GrandTPG-0850M850CWTFullyGold
ThermaltakeToughpower DPS GoldTPG-0850D850SirtecFullyGoldJonnyGURU
ThermaltakeEvo Blue 2.0EVO-850M850CWTSemiGold


BrandSeriesModelWattageManufacturer (OEM)Modular Efficiency Review
AerocoolGT seriesGT-700SG700HECSemiGoldTechPowerUp
AntecEarthWattsEA-750 Platinum750Delta ElectronicsNoPlatinum
AntecHigh Current GamerHCG-750750Delta ElectronicsNoBronzeHardware Secrets
AntecHigh Current Gamer MHCG-750M750SeasonicSemiBronzeJonnyGURU
AntecTrue Power ClassicTP-750C750SeasonicNoGoldJonnyGURU
AntecHigh Current ProHCP-750750Delta ElectronicsSemiGoldTechPowerUp
AntecHigh Current Pro Platinum HCP-750 Platinum750Delta ElectronicsFullyPlatinum
AzzaPlatinumPSAZ-750PT14750Super FlowerSemiPlatinumHardware Secrets
be quiet!Dark Power Pro P10BQT P10-750W750FSPSemiGold
be quiet!Straight Power E9BQT E9-700W700FSPNoGoldKitGuru
Cooler MasterSilent Pro M2RS-720-SPM2-D3720Enhance ElectronicsSemiSilver
Cooler MasterVS seriesRS-750-AMAA-G1750Enhance ElectronicsSemiGoldJonnyGURU
Cooler MasterV seriesRS-700-AFBA-G1700SeasonicFullyGoldJonnyGURU
CorsairRM seriesRM750750Chicony Power Technology FullyGoldTechPowerUp
CorsairHX seriesHX750750CWTSemiGoldHardware Secrets
CorsairAX seriesAX760760SeasonicFullyPlatinumTechPowerUp
CorsairAXi seriesAX760i760FlextronicsFullyPlatinumTechPowerUp
EnermaxTriathlor FCETA700AWT-G700EnermaxSemiBronzeKitGuru
EVGASuperNOVA750 G2750Super FlowerFullyGoldJonnyGURU
FSPAurum CMAU-750M750FSPSemiGoldTechPowerUp
FSPAurumAU-700700FSPNoGoldHardware Secrets
High PowerAstro PTAPT-700700SirtecSemiPlatinumJonnyGURU
High PowerAstro GDAGD-750750SirtecSemiGold
High PowerAstro GD (F)AGD-750F750SirtecFullyGoldTechPowerUp
In WinCommander IIICommander 700 III 700PowerManSemiGoldHardware Secrets
KingwinLazer PlatinumLZP-750750Super FlowerSemiPlatinum
KingwinLazer GoldLZG-700700Super FlowerSemiGold
LepaG seriesG750-MAS750CWTSemiGoldPC Perspective
OCZZT seriesOCZ-ZT750W750Great WallFullyBronzeJonnyGURU
PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK IIIPPCMK3S750750Super FlowerSemiGoldTechPowerUp
RosewillCapstone ModularCapstone-750M750Super FlowerSemiGoldTechPowerUp
RosewillCapstoneCapstone-750750Super FlowerNoGoldJonnyGURU
RosewillTachyonTachyon-750750Super FlowerSemiPlatinumTechPowerUp
SeasonicM12II BronzeSS-750AM750SeasonicSemiBronze
SeasonicM12II Bronze EVO EditionSS-750AM2750SeasonicFullyBronze
SeasonicS12G seriesSSR-750RT750SeasonicNoGoldPC Perspective
SeasonicG seriesSSR-750RM750SeasonicSemiGoldHardOCP
SeasonicX seriesSS-750KM3750SeasonicFullyGoldTechPowerUp
SenteyPlatinum PowerLTP750-SM750Super FlowerSemiPlatinum
SenteyGolden Steel Power SMGSP750-SM750Super FlowerSemiGold
SilverstoneStrider Gold SST75F-GS750Enhance ElectronicsFullyGoldTechPowerUp
Super FlowerGolden KingSF-750P14PE750Super FlowerSemiPlatinum
Super FlowerGolden GreenSF-700P14XE700Super FlowerSemiGold
Super FlowerLeadex GoldSF-750F14MG750Super FlowerFullyGoldJonnyGURU
Super FlowerLeadex PlatinumSF-750F14MP750Super FlowerFullyPlatinum
Super FlowerLeadex TitaniumSF-750F14MT750Super FlowerFullyTitanium
Super FlowerGolden Green HXSF-750P14XE(HX)750Super FlowerNoGold
ThermaltakeToughpower GoldTP-750M750Enhance ElectronicsSemiGold
ThermaltakeToughpower GoldTPD-0750M750CWTSemiGold
ThermaltakeToughpower GrandTPG-0750M750CWTFullyGold
ThermaltakeToughpower DPS GoldTPG-0750D750SirtecFullyGold
ThermaltakeEvo Blue 2.0EVO-750M750CWTSemiGold
ZalmanGoldRockZM750-XG750Enhance ElectronicsSemiGold


BrandSeriesModelWattageManufacturer (OEM) Modular Efficiency Review
AntecEarthWattsEA-650 Green650Delta ElectronicsNoBronzeKitGuru
AntecEarthWattsEA-650 Platinum650FSPNoPlatinumTechPowerUp
AntecHigh Current Gamer MHCG-620M620SeasonicSemiBronzeTechPowerUp
AntecTrue Power ClassicTP-650C650SeasonicNoGoldPlaywares
AntecHigh Current Pro Platinum HCP-650 Platinum650Delta ElectronicsFullyPlatinum
be quiet!Dark Power Pro P10BQT P10-650W650FSPSemiGoldHardware Secrets
be quiet!Straight Power E9BQT E9-600W600FSPNoGold
be quiet!Straight Power CM E9BQT E9-CM-680W680FSPSemiGoldJonnyGURU
Cooler MasterVS seriesRS-650-AMAA-G1650Enhance ElectronicsSemiGoldHardOCP
CorsairRM seriesRM650650CWTFullyGoldJonnyGURU
CorsairHX seriesHX650650SeasonicSemiGoldHardware Secrets
EnermaxTriathlor FCETA650AWT-M650EnermaxSemiBronzeJonnyGURU
EnermaxPlatimaxEPM600AWT600EnermaxSemiPlatinumHardware Secrets
Fractal DesignNewton R3FD-PSU-NT3B-600W 600ATNGSemiPlatinum
Fractal DesignTesla R2FD-PSU-T2SB-650W650ATNGNoGoldHardware Secrets
FSPAurum 92+PT-650M650FSPSemiPlatinumTechPowerUp
FSPAurum CMAU-650M650FSPSemiGoldKitGuru
High PowerAstro PTAPT-600600SirtecSemiPlatinum
High PowerAstro GDAGD-650650SirtecSemiGold
High PowerAstro GD (F)AGD-600F600SirtecFullyGold
In WinCommander IIICommander 600 III600PowerManSemiGoldTechPowerUp
Jou JyeBitWinBW-B620JL620SeasonicNoBronze
KingwinLazer PlatinumLZP-650650Super FlowerSemiPlatinum
LepaG seriesG650-MAS650CWTSemiGold
OCZZT seriesOCZ-ZT650W650Great WallFullyBronzeJonnyGURU
PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK IIIPPCMK3S600600SeasonicSemiBronzeJonnyGURU
RosewillCapstone ModularCapstone-650M650Super FlowerSemiGold
RosewillCapstoneCapstone-650650Super FlowerNoGold
RosewillHiveHive-650650SirtecSemiBronzeHardware Secrets
RosewillTachyonTachyon-650650Super FlowerSemiPlatinum
RosewillFortressFortress-650650ATNGNoPlatinumHardware Secrets
SeasonicS12II BronzeSS-620GB620SeasonicNoBronze
SeasonicM12II BronzeSS-620GM620SeasonicSemiBronzeHardOCP
SeasonicM12II BronzeSS-650AM650SeasonicSemiBronze
SeasonicM12II Bronze EVO EditionSS-620GM2620SeasonicFullyBronze
SeasonicS12G seriesSSR-650RT650SeasonicNoGoldPlaywares
SeasonicG seriesSSR-650RM650SeasonicSemiGoldJonnyGURU
SeasonicX seriesSS-650KM3650SeasonicFullyGoldJonnyGURU
SenteyGolden Steel Power SMGSP650-SM650Super FlowerSemiGold
SilverstoneStrider GoldST65F-G650Enhance ElectronicsFullyGoldJonnyGURU
Super FlowerGolden KingSF-650P14PE650Super FlowerSemiPlatinumTechPowerUp
Super FlowerGolden GreenSF-650P14XE650Super FlowerSemiGold
Super FlowerLeadex GoldSF-650F14MG650Super FlowerFullyGoldPlaywares
Super FlowerLeadex PlatinumSF-650F14MP650Super FlowerFullyPlatinum
Super FlowerGolden Green HXSF-650P14XE(HX)650Super FlowerNoGold
ThermaltakeToughpower GoldTPD-0650M650CWTSemiGold
ThermaltakeToughpower GrandTPG-0650M650FSPFullyGold
ThermaltakeEvo Blue 2.0EVO-650M650CWTSemiGold
ZalmanGoldRockZM650-XG650Enhance ElectronicsSemiGoldPlaywares


BrandSeriesModelWattageManufacturer (OEM) Modular Efficiency Review
AntecEarthWattsEA-500 Green500Delta ElectronicsNoBronze
AntecEarthWattsEA-550 Platinum550FSPNoPlatinum
AntecHigh Current Gamer MHCG-520M520SeasonicSemiBronze
AntecTrue Power ClassicTP-550C550SeasonicNoGoldIT OCP
be quiet!Dark Power Pro P10BQT P10-550W550FSPSemiGoldJonnyGURU
be quiet!Straight Power E9BQT E9-500W500FSPNoGold
be quiet!Straight Power CM E9BQT E9-CM-580W580FSPSemiGoldKitGuru
ChieftecSMARTGPS-500C500Super FlowerSemiPlatinumJonnyGURU*
Cooler MasterVS seriesV550S550Enhance ElectronicsSemiGoldTechPowerUp
CorsairRM seriesRM550550CWTFullyGoldPC Perspective
EnermaxTriathlor FCETA550AWT-M550EnermaxSemiBronzeTechPowerUp
Fractal DesignTesla R2FD-PSU-T2SB-500W 500ATNGNoGold
FSPAurum 92+PT-550M550FSPSemiPlatinum
FSPAurum CMAU-550M550FSPSemiGold
FSPAurumAU-500500FSPNoGoldIT OCP
FSPAurum XilenserAU-500FLD500FSPNoGoldHardware Secrets
FSPAurum XilenserAU-500FL500FSPSemiGoldTechPowerUp
High PowerAstro PTAPT-500500SirtecSemiPlatinum
High PowerAstro GDAGD-550550SirtecSemiPlatinum
High PowerAstro GD (F)AGD-500F500SirtecFullyGold
Jou JyeBitWinBW-B520JL520SeasonicNoBronzeTechPowerUp
KingwinAbsolute PlatinumAP-550550Super FlowerNoPlatinumTechPowerUp
KingwinLazer PlatinumLZP-550550Super FlowerSemiPlatinumJonnyGURU
KingwinStryker FanlessSTR-500500Super FlowerSemiPlatinumJonnyGURU
OCZZT seriesOCZ-ZT550W550Great WallFullyBronze
PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK IIIPPCMK3S500500SeasonicSemiBronzeJonnyGURU
RosewillCapstone ModularCapstone-550M550Super FlowerSemiGoldHardware Secrets
RosewillCapstoneCapstone-550550Super FlowerNoGold
RosewillSilent NightSilentNight-500500Super FlowerSemiPlatinumHardware Secrets
RosewillTachyonTachyon-550550Super FlowerSemiPlatinum
SeasonicS12II BronzeSS-520GB520SeasonicNoBronzeJonnyGURU
SeasonicM12II BronzeSS-520GM520SeasonicSemiBronze
SeasonicM12II Bronze EVO Edition SS-520GM2520SeasonicFullyBronze
SeasonicS12G seriesSSR-550RT550SeasonicNoGoldHardOCP
SeasonicG seriesSSR-550RM550SeasonicSemiGoldJonnyGURU
SenteyPlatinum PowerLTP550-SM550Super FlowerSemiPlatinum
SilverstoneStrider GoldST55F-G550Enhance ElectronicsFullyGoldJonnyGURU
Super FlowerGolden KingSF-550P14PE550Super FlowerSemiPlatinumJonnyGURU
Super FlowerGolden SilentSD-500P14FG500Super FlowerSemiPlatinumJonnyGURU
Super FlowerGolden GreenSF-550P14XE550Super FlowerSemiGold
Super FlowerGolden Green HXSF-500P14XE(HX)500Super FlowerNoGoldPlaywares
Super FlowerGolden Green HXSF-550P14XE(HX)550Super FlowerNoGold
ThermaltakeToughpower GoldTPD-0550M550CWTSemiGold
ZalmanGoldRockZM550-XG550Enhance ElectronicsSemiGold


BrandSeriesModelWattageManufacturer (OEM) Modular Efficiency Review
AntecEarthWattsEA-430 Green430Delta ElectronicsNoBronze
AntecEarthWattsEA-450 Platinum450FSPNoPlatinum
AntecHigh Current Gamer M HCG-400M400SeasonicSemiBronze
AntecTrue Power ClassicTP-450C450SeasonicNoGold
be quiet!Straight Power E9BQT E9-400W400FSPNoGold
be quiet!Straight Power E9BQT E9-450W450FSPNoGold
be quiet!Straight Power E9 CMBQT E9-CM-480W 480FSPSemiGold
Cooler MasterVS seriesV450S450Enhance ElectronicsSemiGold
CorsairCS seriesCS450M450Great WallSemiGoldPlaywares
CorsairRM seriesRM450450CWTFullyGoldPlaywares
FSPAurum 92+PT-450M450FSPSemiPlatinum
FSPAurum XilenserAU-400FLD400FSPNoGoldJonnyGURU
FSPAurum XilenserAU-400FL400FSPSemiGold
Jou JyeBitWinBW-B430JL430SeasonicNoBronzeTechPowerUp
PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK IIIPPCMK3S400400SeasonicSemiBronzeTechPowerUp
RosewillCapstone ModularCapstone-450M450Super FlowerSemiGold
RosewillCapstoneCapstone-450450Super FlowerNoGold
SeasonicS12II BronzeSS-430GB430SeasonicNoBronzeHardware Secrets
SeasonicS12G seriesSSR-450RT450SeasonicNoGoldTechPowerUp
SeasonicG seriesSSR-450RM450SeasonicSemiGoldHardOCP
Super FlowerGolden SilentSF-430P14FG430Super FlowerSemiGold
Super FlowerGolden Green HXSF-450P14XE450Super FlowerNoGold

Sub 400W

BrandSeriesModelWattageManufacturer (OEM) Modular Efficiency Review
AntecEarthWattsEA-380D Green 380Delta ElectronicsNoBronzeIT OCP
HuntkeyJumperJumper 300G300HuntkeyNoBronze
SeasonicS12II Bronze SS-380GB380SeasonicNoBronze
SeasonicG seriesSSR-360GP360SeasonicNoGoldJonnyGURU
Thermaltake TR2 TR-380P380FSPNoBronze


Form FactorBrandSeriesModelWattageManufacturer (OEM) Modular Efficiency Review
SFXbe quiet!SFX Power 2SFX2-300W300FSPNoBronze
SFXbe quiet!SFX Power 2 SFX2-400W400FSPNoBronze
SFXSilverstone SFXST30SF300FSPNoBronzeJonnyGURU
SFXSilverstoneSFXST45SF-G450Enhance ElectronicsFullyGoldJonnyGURU
SFXSilverstoneSFXSX600-G600Enhance ElectronicsFullyGold
TFXbe quiet!TFX Power 2TFX2B-300W 300FSPNoBronze
TFXbe quiet!TFX Power 2TFX2G-300W300FSPNoGold


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On further reading, the Leadex doesn't seem that amazing. It BARELY passes for a platinum rating which is disappointing and they seem to a skimped on a few internal components. If it's priced well then it'll be a good option however.
There are much better performers out there but hopefully Super Flower price it well.
Originally Posted by shilka View Post

Wow looks like this units blows even the Seasonic Platinum 1000 watts away


Folks, Super Flower means business with this new platform. It is only a matter of time that we see this design turning up in North America, and when it does you'd best be ready to buy one. This unit makes, quite simply, an astoundingly good platform that is right on par with the best currently in the market. There is almost nothing at all bad about this unit... it's stable, it's powerful, it's efficient, and it likes getting hot. The competition should start sleeping with one eye open.

The Good:

outstanding voltage regulation across the board
unbelievable ripple suppression on all outputs
defeatable semi-fanless mode
fully modular with lighted connectors

The Bad:

not available in North America yet

The Mediocre:

Super Flower's user guides still could use work

Now sell it black and i will buy it if its a 350$ PSU
It really doesn't
The 1000W Platinum has better voltage stability, better efficiency and doesn't skimp on the caps like Super Flower have.

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Originally Posted by shilka View Post

Only seller so far sells it for 236$ US

And did you read my last post?
That's the same as the SeaSonic currently is on Newegg. Hmmm... if they priced it about $30 lower then it could compete.
Which retailer currently stocks it? The price may just be high because it's new.

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Originally Posted by shilka View Post

LOL yes Seasonic is not always the King

Super Flower can give them a run for their money

When this shows up in the US i bet they are going to overprice it like the Dark Power Pro P10 and Newton R3
See my edit, the SeaSonic actually supplies a couple of watts more peak, my mistake ^^
It would have to be priced cheaper than the SeaSonic to be worth it, which it currently isn't. It's probably a great option for us guys in the EU who don't get ripped off though

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Originally Posted by revro View Post

i plan to go with akasa venom power 1k, its 80+ and modular and should be overkill since i have only single gpu, but so what
psu seems these days to be the most futureproof component


That power supply isn't 'bad', it's actually fairly decent however you'd be much better off going with a better quality, lower wattage unit. Components are only getting more and more power efficient so buying a high wattage PSU to 'futureproof' doesn't really make sense.

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Originally Posted by shilka View Post

The main problem with the Akasa Venom Power 1000W PSU is its multi rail so you need to balance out the load over the PSU or it will shut off
It has a single 12V rail as far as I'm aware.
Akasa's new Venom Power PSU has 1000W capacity, utilizes a modular cabling system and features a single +12V rail.

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Originally Posted by shilka View Post

Nope they say its a single rail but its a quad rail PSU

The single rail statement isn't true. Actually, the unit has four +12V rails.

The Akasa Venom Power 850 W has an MSRP of $159 for the States and 119€ for the EU

Delivered 110% of its max rated load at 45°C
Good enough voltage regulation at +12V
Excellent ripple suppression
Efficient (although not as much as other Gold PSUs)
Quiet fan (at normal operation)
Few native cables

Could have two more PCIe connectors
Loose voltage regulation at 3.3V
5VSB dropped below limit during the full-load test
Short warranty period
The single rail statement isn't true. Actually, the unit has four +12V rails.

8.3 Akasa left the budget/mainstream category and entered the high-end market with their new Gold efficiency Venom PSU. Overall, the Venom 850 W performed well, although there are some areas that need improvements.
The first is efficiency, which is lower than the other high-end Gold units I have tested in the past, and the second is voltage regulation with 3.3V and 5VSB. Especially the 5VSB rail showed a clear weakness during the full-load test. Regardless, the problems I spotted did not spoil my overall positive impression since ripple suppression is excellent on all rails, the +12V rail registered fairly tight voltage regulation, the PSU managed to deliver 10% more than its maximum power at 45°C ambient, and most of its cables are modular.
One thing I couldn't understand though is Akasa's decision to advertise it as a single rail unit, while, in fact, it has four +12V rails with a high OCP trigger point (40 A). I am aware that most users think that single rail PSUs allow higher overclocks, but that is just a myth. If the OCP triggering point is at the right level, a multi-rail PSU is actually safer than a single rail one.

To wind up, the new Venom 850 W is a good and reliable unit that will meet some serious competition if it hits the stores with the price-tag Akasa gave us. However, if it retails for around 130 bucks, it will be a very good choice for someone that doesn't want to spend more for a 850 W Gold unit based on a cutting-edge platform.

Also AndyM95 would you agree that the ripple is lower on the Leadex then on the Platinum?

I see, it has a pretty high OCP trigger point though so the 4 separate rails isn't an issue unless you're putting 4 Titans on a single one.

I would agree that the ripple is worse, ripple regulation is the Platinums weakest point (it's actually worse than their X-Series and G-Series which is weird).
Leadex - Better ripple regulation and better value (if you live in the EU, in the US they cost the same).
Platinum - Higher peak power, better voltage stability and higher efficiency (arguably better looks and sleeving too but that's subjective).
I think we should agree that both are awesome

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Originally Posted by Belial View Post

What is acceptable variance on the 3vsb levels?

Secondly, my Rosewill Capstone 550m should be able to handle 2 x 7950s, overclocked, running 24/7 compute workloads right? I know the rated wattage might be on the low side for such a use, but the psu is high enough quality and other manufacturers would just sell the unit as a 700-800w unit, right? I wonder if it could do 3x7950s... this is on a system with a 200w [email protected] too, so probably 350w full load on everything else.
50mV of ripple on the 3.3V and 5V is acceptable, and 100mV on the 12V is acceptable but obviously less is better, <50mV is what you should be expecting from good quality power supplies on the 12V.

As for your other question, no to the two 7950s and definitely not to three 7950s. The Capstone 550W can supply 625W peak and to be honest you shouldn't run a PSU over it's rated power 24/7. Overclocked 7950s can pull well over 300W each, then add in the 200W 3770K and you're well over that 550W/625W threshold.

For a 5GHz 3770K and two heavily overclocked 7950s you should be looking at a good quality 750W, especially if it's going to be running 24/7.

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Originally Posted by mikeaj View Post

Unless you have some real instrumentation hooked up and triggering, you're not really checking much of anything. Those software readings are often way wrong.

Besides, a Capstone's going to shut itself off before dropping out of (ATX) regulation, anyway.

If you cap 7950 power draw through PowerTune, you could do it. If you're interested in benching the system, that's a different matter, but for most games having a lower power cap doesn't really impact performance much. Capstone is rated at 50C, so with cool ambient intake air for the power supply, you could maybe argue that overloading it a bit isn't such a bad thing. Say, 600W or so isn't going to be the end of the world.

If you were getting a new power supply, 650W (more if really pushing the overclocks) might make more sense, but 550W is honestly enough for most situations. "Recommended" is different than "feasible" or "possible." Anybody remember that old Antec video of i7-980x and SLI GTX 480s on a True Power New 550W in 3DMark?

If you're cavalier about pushing other components hard, I wouldn't worry too much about babying an enthusiast-grade power supply, so long as you know what's up.
You can push power supplies over their rated output but that is just crazy. Did it do the whole run without shutting off?

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Originally Posted by Geran View Post

@Tator_Tot: What PSU would you recommend for a gaming computer in/on an open-air case (DIYPC Alpha-DB6)? My requirements are under $95US, single 12V rail and modular.
Thanks for your help!

-Geran B
I ain't no Tator Tot but I'd definitely go with the SeaSonic G-550:
Currently on sale ($26 off).
If it's not on sale when you buy then go with the Roswill Capstone 550-M:

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Originally Posted by Geran View Post

What do you think about the Rosewill HIVE-650? It looks similar to the Capstone-550-M but has more power and a cheaper price.
It's not as good as the Capstone or G-550. Quality > quantity

With that system you could get away with a 450W so 550W is already plenty.

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Originally Posted by eXXon View Post


P.S.: Thanks for the update Original Sin & Thank God the CX430 is no longer on the list
Wonder why he took it off?

Its hardly the best PSU in the world but I would definitely recommend it to someone who wanted a sub $40 unit. I saw the modular version for $29.99 on Newegg the other day and the non-modular version is currently $24.99. Beats going with some crappy Ultra or Raidmax PSU.

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I definitely agree that you should encourage people to spend $20-$30 more and get something like the Capstone or S12IIB.

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Originally Posted by Pebruska View Post

I have a question considering power draw from the wall and efficiency, so if my system uses, lets say 300w(NOt from the wall) and PSU efficiency is 80%, the power from the wall is 375w?

Now don't take account the different loads etc. , so this is the basic principle of efficiency, right?
100% correct. No PSU is 100% efficient so some power is lost in the form of heat.

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Originally Posted by Driimit View Post

I want to know the OCP trip point of +12V rail of the Corsair VS450 or the maximum wattage the +12V rail can provide before shutting itself down.

P.S. There are two variants of VS450. I am talking about the new version with orange label (not green): http://hardwareinsights.com/wp/corsair-vs450-review/

If possible give me some information on the quality of the PSU. I've already read a lot about VS450 and how some OCN geeks have criticzized its quality. But as the unit I'm talking about is quite new(2-3 months old?), I'm not sure what version people were talking about. So please be sure that you're specifically talking about this and not giving any generalized opinion based on the previous(green labeled) one.
It has a single 12V rail which can supply up to 34A (408W).

It's not a 'bad' PSU , meaning it isn't a system killer but it is a very cheap unit so the efficiency, voltage regulation and general quality of the components used aren't great.

I would never recommend it to anyone but if you already own it I wouldn't tell you to get a new PSU.

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Originally Posted by Ribozyme View Post

Anyone of you experts have a very good estimation of power consumption of my system? (spec sigs are outdated).
Asus P8Z77-I deluxe
2 x 4gb Vengeance 1600mhz 1.5 LP
Samsung 840 250gb ssd
MSI gtx 760 gaming
2 x 92mm fans intake
1x 140mm fan exhaust
1x120mm cpu fan

None of the components overclocked, 3770k at 1.104 Vcore and gtx 760 at 1150 mhz 1.2Vcore.

This system is running folding at home both at CPU and GPU. I am doing this with a be quiet straight power e9 400w.

So I am interested in power consumption of actual components, without efficiency of PSU incalculated, and a power consumption from the wall socket estimation.

Another question, I had an asus direct cu 2 670 before, but I saw in reviews that 760 sometimes pulls more power than 670 even while performing less. So should I get a 670 if I want to be watt effective in PPD? The msi gaming 760 is awfully quiet though, much quieter and cooler than asus 670 and no coil whine!!!! Not on core 17 anyway.

You guys make educated guesses and I'll get a wattmeter next week and then we'll know who was the real expert
I'd probably say the total power consumption while folding is definitely below 300W, probably around 280W maximum if every component is under 100% load.

You will be pulling about 350W from the wall under full load, probably less than that.

The power consumption of the 760 and 670 are pretty much identical, I don't think it would be worth it to change cards. Hope this helped

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Originally Posted by Ribozyme View Post

Yes helped me a lot thanks! Did I pick the right PSU by the way or would a bigger one have gained me even more effeciency?
That PSU is fine. It's actually perfect for your current setup, the efficiency will be pretty much as good as it can be and the fan on that unit is very quiet.

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Originally Posted by magicase View Post

Is it true that the Antec Neo Eco is the same as Seasonic S12II but slightly downgraded?
Pretty much.

The Neo Eco uses a mix of Chinese & Taiwanese caps while the S12II uses all Japanese caps (which is better).
I believe the S12II also uses a better fan.

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Originally Posted by TwoCables View Post

I have a friend of a friend who is overclocking his CPU to 4.5 GHz with this PSU powering his system:

Thermaltake Smart SE 630

Should we be worried at all?
Depends on the other components and what the CPU is but I'll say no because the Smart SE is actually a good unit.

Good voltage regulation (3%), over 780W peak DC power output, 80+ efficiency even when overloaded (typical efficiency will be around 84%), fairly quiet fan, ripple is mediocre but is below 50 mV under typical loads... so yeah it's pretty good

Also, thanks for bringing my attention to the Tune-bot, looks pretty awesome!
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