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Far Cry 2 ~ PS3 Comments?

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I'm a little surprised theres basically no talk of the console version of Far Cry 2 here on OCN. Does anybody else own the PS3 version? or even the 360 version for that matter? I understand this forum is basically all about getting your rig to run the most demanding games so basically everyone's bought it for PC hence the explosion of FC2 threads in the PC section

I bought it for PS3 with the limited edition because since I got my HDTV and PS3 I've saved the money from upgrading my rig to enhance my "couch gaming" setup so my rig wouldnt do that well with Far Cry 2 as it stands.

Anyway my comments. The game firstly looks beautiful. I've seen graphics settings comparison on the PC version and the PS3 sits comfortable at DX9 - High settings. The shaders, lighting and physics are brilliant and surpass basically any other console game I've played. All I could note graphics wise is that the textures are slightly lower. Obviously I've got no way to give my own screens (not sure if FC2 supports in-game screen capture yet). But I can say in HD 720p the PS3 version runs at very smooth frames. I'd say atleast 30-50.

There is never any crashing or bugs in the game. Saving takes about 30 seconds which is a little long but considering the amount of data in the game thats probably realistic. I'm currently doing singleplayer only but I have tried multiplayer and its a nice bit of fun as a side step to the main game. It works pretty well too on consoles. The map editor works surprisingly well on the PS3 too. I thought itd be a bit tricky but ubisoft really pulled it off with this console port!
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You worded that wonderfully. Yeah, I have it on PS3 aswell, and When I'm home from school Theres gonna Be a copy a Fallout3 In it aswell. (yeah, 2 games at once XD) Because my friend works at Best Buy and has more rights over the Reserved Copys, So she'll buy one for me. Then I pay her.
I bought it for the 360 because my rig is not done yet (waiting on new CPU's). I think it looks great. I am more of a console gamer anyways, i love playing on my 60" SXRD.
We had to get it for ps3 because it was sold out on pc at the 3 stores we went to. I'm personally not that impressed with the graphics on ps3, nothing groundbreaking at all.
what can you think of that looks better than it on console? All I can think of is MGS4 but in a different way.
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