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Far Cry 2 randomly crashing to desktop.....

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This one is new to me.
Before I downloaded patch 1.01 Far Cry 2 would crash to the desktop and give some sore of application error that I could actually view so that I new what was causing the problem in the first place.....not anymore!?!? I took my overclocks off of my SLI 8800GTS G92's and I have noticed that I average 70-100FPS @ 1440x900/Very High/DX10/4xAA....not bad until I crash at random points in the game while playing single player or multiplayer. This is getting redundant and very annoying because I love this game except for all of the B.S. crashing that I have to deal with. :swearing: I really need help trying to solve this problem. Thanks

***Again....there is no warning that I'm going to crash and no error message after the game crashes***
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try running DX9. seems to have sorted the issue out for some people

Originally Posted by -iceblade^ View Post
try running DX9. seems to have sorted the issue out for some people
I'm still wondering why the Far Cry 2 developers still haven't put out an actual patch to fix all of their B.S. mistakes that they made when created this game? Does it not get on your nerves how a game development company can sell a game for $60 and know that it's still not completely ready for the market to use? This is what really grinds my gears!

And no I'm not going to concede to running DX9 because it's old technology and I'm highly capable of running DX10.....from here on out until the problem is fixed by the game developers, I'm going to send them an email every day to their company until the problem is fixed and so should everyone that's having the same problem(s).

80 East Sir Francis Drake Boulevard
Suite 3E
Larkspur, CA 94939

Ubi Soft Divertissement Inc.
5505 Boul. Saint-Laurent
Suite 5000
Montréal, Québec, H2T 1S6

Phone (919) 460-9778

[email protected]
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I recently started playing Far Cry 2 and had been playing sp for about a week until suddenly today it crashed to my desktop with no warning at all. I am using the 178.24 nvidia drivers if that matters at all. I didn't change anything at all, it just started crashing! Any ideas?
I found a solution to my problem. As long as you don't use the quick save option in the menu, you're fine. I just made a new game and just save at safe houses and weapons shops.
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