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Fast 2GB vs 4GB during benching

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I'm wondering if I'd be better off getting a 2x1GB set of some fast D9 ram and overclocking them while benching. Or should I just stick to my current 2x2GB 1066 Mhz 5-5-5-15 ram that I'm using now?

I was thinking of maybe getting a 2x1GB set of some fast ram and cranking it up as fast and tight as I could for benching, or would 4GB still yield better scores?

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You're better off with 4GB of RAM, Windows 7 works best with 4GB of ram. Faster ram speed and tighter timing is negligible in real world performance but it will show in synthetic benchmark. Plus with that setup, you are playing games above 60 fps or even 100 fps.
Thats exactly what I'm wondering.. I will use the 4GB for everyday, and for gaming, but I was wondering if faster, tighter 2GB would be better for benchmark scores, and suicide runs on the CPU while running benchies like SuperPI
You can get some OCZ Blade 1150Mhz 4GB ad be as good if better then D9s.
ya, I've been seriously considering getting those as well, but I know some people have a hard time getting 1066 Mhz stable on this board, let alone 1150.

I'm not sure if my board could do 1150, or the 1200.. as I really want to get the 9600's. I know that I'd have a more stable overclock and could use a better divider if I could use those LV Blade 9600's. but I don't think my mobo can handle that.

So, that is sort of why I'm asking the above question, is because if I can't get any faster/tighter, better with 4GB. would I be better off just getting 2GB of some good ram that will fly.. and use that for benching and suicide runs, and then use my current 4GB for everything else.

Thats where I'm at. lol
You really run "super pi" Are you really running that? I mean really are you running? I mean I asked you three times are you really so far behind the game as to be playing with that single threaded CPU test? Come on! I tried to inform people that wPrime was multi thread was available and laughed at you guys for your complete ignorance. Nothing changed, God damn near no one had a clue.

Keep doing your superpi crap? Just stupid.

You have a Quad? Stupid is as stupid does! Get a grip!
It will have good benchmarks similar to 4GB, but with the slightest increase in processes, you'll be done for. The performance will decrease much quicker, rather than with 4GB, and obviously because of double in capacity. Tested this idea with several different memory, recently with the G.Skill Trident.

Wow Asus Mobile.... how about you chill out if your going to come in my thread and call me stupid, don't comment unless you have something worth while to say... mkay, thanks!

Yes Super PI is a single threaded APP (oh no).. I was simply using that as an example... I'm not saying that is ALLLLL I use, I also have wprime, & I have all the 3DMark, PCMark programs as well. That was just the first thing I thought to mention.

This thread is regarding ram size, and timings while running benchmarks, not what program is better for it..

Anyways, so getting some 2x1GB sticks that I can push harder, and wont have as much strain on my fsb wont really make much of a difference? I might as well stick to my current 4GB for 24/7 then.. (I was just thinking of using something other than my 24/7 ram for benchmarks, and suicide runs)

Originally Posted by ZealotKi11er
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You can get some OCZ Blade 1150Mhz 4GB ad be as good if better then D9s.

I'd pick the OCZ PC2-9600 1200 1.8v 5-5-5-18 instead...
I would've had them if they weren't 2 months away from getting in stock...
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ecchi do you have both the 2x2GB Dom's and the 2x1GB Dom's in your 750i.. ur running 6GB at 1066 Mhz? and how is it working for ya?

Originally Posted by xguntherc
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ecchi do you have both the 2x2GB Dom's and the 2x1GB Dom's in your 750i.. ur running 6GB at 1066 Mhz? and how is it working for ya?

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lol when i bench i just have 1.5gbs of ram XD.
It's nice to have a set of D9s to play with, but if you use the computer for work and or games as well, 2x2GB is better overall. Even the LV Blades won't do cas4 1080 like my Team Xtreem.
ya well I want something sort of like that 18.. something that is just rockin, and then use them sometimes, but for the daily gaming and use of my PC I'll use my current 4GB kit
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