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Fast + slow ram vs identical speed

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I have an old Asus ROG G75JY laptop with two gskill DDR3 2133mhz 8GB modules. I want to upgrade it to 32GB. Here are the two options I'm looking at:

1. Get this kit and have my current ram run a bit slower
2. Get two of those kits, and have all four modules running at their rated speeds.

The only real difference between the 1866 and 2133 modules is the 31 vs 32 latency and clock. Other wise they seem the same, same voltage too.

I'm leaning towards going with 4x8GB modules of the same model/speed. Thoughts?
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Wow 8 Gb DDR3 modules is even a thing?

Does such an old laptop really need 32 Gb is my first thought.

Running 4 of these modules though is likely going to be tricky, but its probably better to just get 2 and downclock your current ones.
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