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I'm new to Mac and need help moving the /Users directory of off system partition. For this I'm using this guide. Because this guide is mainly Unix based I thought it best to ask my question here.

I followed this guys guide using a ExFat partition as destination for /Users and at first it seemed not to be working (/etc/fstab seemed to be useless). After some puzzling I found that the file system type had to be a HFS. Now I'm no expert but I thought that by changing:
UUID=F78FEAC3-EB02-32AA-8D10-A52B4804983B /Users hfs auto
UUID=F78FEAC3-EB02-32AA-8D10-A52B4804983B /Users fat auto
That I would be able to use fat. After a quick consult with the writer of that guide (see bottom of page) I heard that there would probably be some permission issues.

After some research I found this site that says:


A common permission set you will see is chmod 755, which gives the user all permissions, the group and others get read and execute (+r-w+x) permissions. The umask for this is 022.

I have however no idea how to implement this. Further more I haven't found a "chown root:admin" alternative, and the enable ownership step.

I was wondering if someone here would be friendly enough to help me with moving mac's /Users to a ExFat partition.

Thanks in advanced

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