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FC Block on a Sapphire 1GB 4870?

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You folks think a FC block with work on a Sapphire 4870 1GB since the board seems a little different than reference 4870's? I am using the D-Tek GFX v2 which works just fine but the case isn't very deep and running 5/8" tubing is a bit tight. FC would allow better angle routing for the tubing and bring the VRM temps down as with a sink and small fan on them they are too hot to touch for more than 2-3 sec.

This is the card I'm using.
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you could get some 90* bitspower fittings.. much cheaper than buying a new block.
OCD is a ***** :) and I need to go up as well as down with the tubing. That and I don't like how they look. :p But thank you for the suggestion.
Full coverage is the best way to go for cooling the entire block, however, on a non-reference 1GB model, you might be a little hard pressed to find that.
The input goes up to the CPU and the output goes down to the pump. Aye the non-reference is where my concern is...
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