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As many already know, the latest update for Fear 2 fixed the letterboxing for 4:3 displays by adding an option called widescreen.

The interesting thing about this option is that users with 16:10 aspect ratio LCDs will still get black bars. This is probably the most popular ratio after 4:3, used in most 22" and 24" monitors.

Fear not for all is not lost! Simply uncheck the widescreen option and run your native resolution. The black bars will disappear but the image will not become stretched/distorted.

The incorrect naming of this option has caused a lot of confusion (and anger for 16:10 users), if it had been named something like black bars then there would be no confusion.

Now I know how a lot of people (myself included) feel about Fear2. But it is a game you wouldn't want to play with black bars. So remember people, turn off that widescreen option!
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