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Anyway, I was planning to get FFXIII and was repeatedly watching the trailer
, scrolled down to the comments and bam.

This was the comment: SPOILERS POSSIBLY.

X and X are crystalised, The obvious are married and T finds a member of family.

I put it in that form so that if anyone did read it, they have no real idea. (In the comment "X and X" were replaced with names, so were "the obvious" and "T"

Anyway my question is, it still worth me getting it considering that these basically ruined the storyline?

Is it epic enough that I should still get it?

Also if you would be so kind enough to NOT mention much more of the storyline, that would kind.

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I havnt the slightest idea of what you actually said here.

ive honestly outgrown Final Fantasy Games once FF7 came out.

just could not get into anything other than liek the first 6.

I will bet you , that the game is not exactly spoiled.. Im sure there is more involved than 2 Cystalized X's some married people and who cares about Mr. T finding some random Cousin.
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