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Now when I say it won't stay off that's only half true. The problem I'm experiencing is that when I turn Network Discovery and File sharing off, it turns my Windows Firewall on. If I turn my Windows Firewall off, it turns on Network Discovery and File Sharing. I have no clue why this is the case, but a google search I did only had 1 other person have the exact same problem as me but on Windows 10.

I've tried simply disabling the services that Network Discovery and File Sharing use, namely:
1) Computer Browser
2) Server
3) TCP/IP NetBios
4) SSDP Discovery
5) Workstation

This made it so that the options in "Change advanced sharing settings" to be permanently ticked off, even if I turn off Windows Firewall, but it doesn't fully turn it off. I can still see 2 PCs connected in my network, meaning either there are services that still allow them to run but at a pseudo state where it still scans the network but prevents use or Windows is just finicky.

So because of that, I've enabled all those services again and just opted to turn it off normally, which made it so that it's completely off, but the problem now is that Windows Firewall cannot be turned off or else Network Discovery and File Sharing will be re-enabled. Anyone know how to remedy this issue?
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