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Fill in my questionnaire for stats course work ;]

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hey im doing a case study about games and id like some results of you guysss because i can only get results from under 16's in my school and id like a bigger range of ages
so ye fill em out and send them in pm if you can or to my email [email protected] Thanks and i dont need to know how i could of done it better this is fine by my teacher so it will do (Y)
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I'll fill it out mate.
Cant get on email from college so attached it

FYI I am the same age but wanted to burn some time in class...:|
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thanks alot every one but im at school and we only have word 2003 so can u save them as lower version if ur gonna link them? thanks
Sent mine to your yahoo mail. Word 2003 format.
Sent to your yahoo and in the right format!
Thanks alot again! could you send some more people this way? my future depends on it
but seriously i need this for my gcse lol

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I'll send them back as 2003 when I get to class
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i need more results guys i need 20+ still. send some ppl over here please
thank you and ill try. its confusing enough as it is XD. can u send some ppl over her please? i could really do with the help
Sent to your email.
thankyouu its picking up a bit now but i still need moreee
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i need them for thursday at latest but i cant do anymore work untill i have some more results now
Is there a plain text version that can be had for people that don't have anything to read or write a .doc file of any sort?
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