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So its 7.49 on steam today.
You get 30 days of play time when you buy it.
That's all fine and good. But I absolutely WILL NOT pay a subscription fee for an MMO ever. So I can have some fun until the sub runs out if I buy it. My question is: If you don't have an active subscription is there anything you can do in the game? Like can you even travel around in the game world?
All I really want to do is explore the world...I've never really played anything FF and I just want to see what the world is like. But I'm not going to buy it if I'm COMPLETELY locked out of the game when I don't have a subscription.

Pardon my ignorance, I've never played an MMO.

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once the trial ends you're locked out of the game til you renew and, unless the policy's changed since I've played (which is probable, I played years ago), the account gets axed once the subscription ends so you'd end up having to start fresh if you don't sub up within the time period.

also FFXI is a long, grinding MMO. fast leveling (i.e. WoW and Guild Wars) this is not. and once you hit 50, it takes as much time as you spent from 1-50 to go from 50-60, and that's not counting any deleveling. not to mention the multitude of jobs to level up.
30-days is a drop in the water ocean in FFXI timescale.

I liked it quite a bit, but it catered to my enjoyment of grinding MMOs.

okay and there were catgirls...
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