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So, you are one of 3 people. You are either 1: A person that has already bought non-limited edition Final Fantasy XII. You are 2: A person who couldnt care less about Final Fantasy XII or doesnt have a PS2. You are 3: A person who cant decide whether or not to buy the limited edition strategy guide and video game. If your 1 or 2, dont bother reading this, as you will just find out what you are missing out on. If your person number 3, here is a comprehensive list of what the extra money you spend on the limited editions will net you.

Final Fantasy XII Limited Edition Game:
- Snazzy Looking (and feeling) Tin Case
- Final Fantasy XII for the PS2 (Obviously)
- Final Fantasy XII Exta Disc which includes all of the following:
~ Interviews with the following:
Hiroyuki Ito - Director
Hiroshi Mingawa - Director & Visual Design Supervisor
Daiskuke Watanabe - Scenario Writer
Alexander O. Smith - Translator
Joseph Reeder - Translator
Kazuto Maehiro - Lead Battle System Designer
Hiroshi Tomomatsu - Battle System Designer
Hitoshi Sakimoto - Music Production & Composition
Hideo MInaba - Art Director
Isamu Kamikokuryo - Art Director
Eiji Fujii - CG Movie Director
Akihiko Yoshida - Character & Background Designer
~ An Art Gallery Including Art Work from the following catagories:
Illustrations (24 Slides)
Moogles (6 Slides)
Espers (14 Slides)
Races (11 Slides)
Characters (~50 Slides)
Airships (28 Slides)
Concept Art (29 Slides)
~ Final Fantasy XII Trailers Including those shown at:
E3 2004
E3 2005
Destination Playstation (r) 2005
And the Demo Trailer
~ The History of Final Fantasy featurette
A 32 Minutes long featurette that touches briefly on the story line, main characters, technological advances, battle/exp system changes, and basic points of interest of all the Final Fantasy games.

Final Fantasy XII Limited Edition Strategy Guide (Brady Games)
- Fancy Binding that holds 2 Books
~ An Art of Final Fantasy 12 Book (98+ Pictures)
~ Limited Edition Strategy Guide Featuring one of six different cover arts.

Hopefully this will help consumers decide on whether or not they want to pony up the extra dough to buy the limited edition, but if you do hurry... because they are limited.

PS. Ash looks alot like Yuna...
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Good post, sometimes those "special editions" are pretty lame so it's good to know going in what you get.

Personally, I quit on special editions after the "Ultima 9 Dragon Edition", which I only got because I am an Ultima Dragon...

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Wow...I think I shoulda picked up the special edition one, because this game is straight up awesome...can't wait till I get home tonight because FFXII is all i'll be playing!!!

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I bought the special edition because that was all they had at the store when I went there. $30 for the special edition strategy is ridiculous especially when you can just look up FAQs online that have almost all of the same information though the Art of Final Fantasy book it comes with would be pretty cool.

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yeh, i copped the collectors adition as well, the foil case is really what got me hahah. also...i'm thinking about copping the collectors edition strat guide, mainly for the art book.
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