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Final one!which monitor?samsung or asus!

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i kno im getting annoying but sorry guys i really gotta jump the gun and im afraid i might not like it so ONE MORE TIME!=)

which one for gaming. its going to used with a xfx gtx 285!



see the samsung i hear is great quality and very nice color but its only 1680x1050
but asus is good with the 1900x1080?
im STRUGGLING!!!! i need everyones opinion!and stop recommnding other monitors plz just these two i need everyones 2 cents =)
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Asus. The higher resolution will be great. But, what video card do you have? Please fill in your system specs in UserCP > Add System. You video card may struggle with a larger resolution, depending on what you have.

edit: with a 285, go with the Asus all the way. You will appreciate the extra resolution. It also has an HDMI input so you can hook up a DVD player, etc. if you ever felt like it.
I would go with the Asus. I have the T220 and gave it to my dad. It is an awesome monitor, but the Asus has the higher res and I hear the Asus monitors are great.

Just depends what resolution you want. If you don't mind the smaller, then get the T220, but if you want bigger go with Asus.

The GTX 285 can handle the bigger, so thats why I say go Asus
Asus! love emm
19X10 will drive you nuts if you want to bench Vantage in extreme
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Resolution over size.
Although, if you fill in your specs we could make a better desicion.
What is your GPU, and do you plan to game on the native resolution?
I reccomend the ASUS... just get ready to tweak the color from the standard settings... once dialed in... it's a beautiful thing.
I have the 24" version of that ASUS monitor and it is simply beautiful. I love it and will buy Asus again for sure. I might get another 24" this summer.
You should have no trouble with the Asus on that GTX 285. GPUs come and go, but monitors often stay so definitely get the bigger one, you'll be happier in the long run.
Im actually getting a very similar asus monitor for my next rig, my current one as it turns out is a very similar samsung. The fact that I'm switching brands should say something
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The Asus one has speakers.
i was also thinking about this acer 23 inch


this or the asus?

Originally Posted by tweaker123 View Post
i was also thinking about this acer 23 inch


this or the asus?
ASUS - cheaper, faster, has speakers (ok so the speakers suck but you cant complain about a free bonus), and has a better pixel pitch (it will appear sharper despite being the same resolution).

Acer - Takes up more room on your desk.

I'll let you choose
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Get the ASUS, its full 1080p basically the only diff and I think its a reasonable reason (lol) to get the ASUS.
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