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[FINAL] thegreatsquares's thegreatgamegiveaway

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I didn't think I would have to say "Don't Delete Posts" ...but I guess I did.

...and I guess I can manage.

Xhassannin and I are very lucky. He landed on 20 which got bumped to 19, bumped getbigtony off of 30 and is also on 40 and 45, though by what means I do not know. This means he lacks important reading comprehension skills, but gets the game he originally won and I get some games left over to fix this mess.

...and oliverw92 is on the wrong side of the pond so... yeah.

PM me the addresses of course. I'm going to wade through the emails tomorrow morning for addresses and get the winners out Monday or Tuesday latest. Then I'll deal with the loose ends.

Loose ends update #1:

1 - Since I all ready chose an alt winner from one UK "winner", the other two UK winners have to go too. The good news is that I may have enough games for a 2nd smaller give away.

Loose ends update #2:

1 - I'm still waiting on two addresses. I'll PM them one more time later on unless they contact me.

"50 - Dirt Dralb"
"85 - Demigod biatchi"

2 - Everybody else is packaged up and will be in the hands of the Post Office today.

3 - JTD92 has opted to not be the winner of Tomb Raider: Underworld.

4 - Part 2 will happen later this month, probably close to or just after Christmas. I will announce the date and time in my sig a few days beforehand and I think I will start the thread a day early to post the rules so that everybody gets them straight without rushing through them to get to the game.

5 - I found awaizy a nice consolation prize. He was so close to winning it was a Quantum Finish.

05 - Mage Night: Apocalypse gibsonnova74
10 - Quake Wars: Enemy Territory [Used] sailerboy
15 - Tomb Raider - Underworld
20 - Thief II xHassassin
25 - World of Goo I AM TEH LAW GIVAH
30 - Dark Messiah of Might and Magic getbigtony
35 - Rainbow 6: Vegas Argorn5757
40 - Company of Heroes: Gold Edition
45 - The Spartans
50 - Dirt Dralb
55 - Dark Mirror
60 - Tom Clancy: HAWX
65 - Clive Barker's Jericho Shroud
70 - Prince of Persia DaMirrorLink
75 - Universe at War W4LNUT5
80 - Fallout 3 [Original Game Only, Used, GFWL # unused] Contagion
85 - Demigod biatchi
90 - Red Faction: Guerilla TnB = GnR
95 - Brutal Legend [Xbox 360] GapTroll
100 - Dirt 2 [Steam Code] computeruler

awaizy's consolation prize: RE:5 for PC [Don't worry, I picked up one for round 2 also.]

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Are you giving(shipping) these to us or are you just giving a CD key?

Nothing good I particularly want except for Demigod....
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Lets get this going.
Keeping this going

My hand is getting tired from all the f5s
in for dirt
This is no fair... I have to leave in awhile.

Get 80 posts fast.
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60 - Tom Clancy: HAWX

W00T I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!

EDIT:Can i change it to 25 - World of Goo Please?

EDIT:OIC, i have to use the one that is 10. Could i still get 25?
in for hawx 60?
I like Dirt.
Who will have the balls to make another post?

Oh that's right, you're all snipers.
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in for everything
This isn't going to work out.

Apparently not... It seems I have won Thief II, the only game Yahtzee doesn't know how to criticize.
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