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Finallizing Plans

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I have decided on the following:

Canvas: SilverStone Technology Temjin TJ07
External Colors:
  • Side Panels: Verde Ithica
  • Center Color: Pearlescent Neon Pink
Internal Colors:
  • Primary: Undecided (Maybe Nero Noctis, suggestions?)
Stealthed Internals
Strobing UV Cold Cathodes
Neon Pink & Lime Green Waterblocks
Neon Pink & Lime Green Screws/Rivets
Neon Pink & Lime Green UV Reactive Cable Sleeving
Neon Pink & Lime Green UV Reactive PCI/DIMM Slots
Neon Pink & Lime Green UV Reactive PCI Slot Covers
Neon Pink Tube Sleeving + Lime Green Anti-Kink Coils
Neon Pink & Lime Green UV Reactive Motherboard Detailing
Neon Pink & Lime Green UV Reactive Frosted Acrylic (PCI Card Covers)

What do you think?

Intel Core i7
Crucial Ballistix 12GB DDR3 1333
Foxconn Renaissance II
ATi Radeon HD 4970X2 XFire
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260/360 PhysX
Super Talent MasterDrive 32GB SSD (RAID 0+1)
Hard Disk Array: Western Digital RE3 1TB (RAID 1)
PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool 1kW

Processor: Custom Water Block + Thermalright IFX-10 (Anodized)
Memory: Thermalright HR-07 (Anodized)
Graphics Cards: Heatkiller GPU-X (Painted)
MOSFET/NB/SB: Custom Full-Cover Water block (Painted)
Multiple Reservoirs
ThermoChill PA120.3 (x2) (Painted)
BlueLine Velocity Pump T1
Bitspower 1/2" Black Sparkle Compression (Anodized)
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Wow that's going to be colorful, post some pics when you're done.
Dont ask what people think. Follow your heart and use your inspiration.
GREAT case choice.
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OK. I googled and figured out the colors.

Is this going to have a tie in to Lamborghini somehow?

Why not just say green and black?
The way I said it sounded more... esoteric and magical...
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With those colors and Lamborghinis, this rig's name is no brainer.


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HAHAHA! I was thinking Eye Candy.
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