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Hey everyone, I just got finshed with hooking up my water cooling system.
Im getting temps of about 28C idle and 39C load. Do these sound about right? Cause these were about the same temps I was getting with my Big Typhoon. Im sure after the AS5 cures it will drop a few degrees.
I need to get another bottle of PC ICE, cause it sounds like a fish tank. with the liquid going into the res. Its only filled about 3/4 to 2/3's up. Plus I want to get some more so I have some on hand if I spring a leak.
I did leak testing for about 6 hours. I know 24 hours is better but I couldn't wait. Plus if it does leak I have the non-conductive liquid so it won't hurt anything. It will just make a mess.
I made a custom shroud for my heater core out of some aluminum coil. Came out kinda crappy, but it serves it purpose. Gonna make a wooden box for it. And intergrate it as a stand for the computer. Also so I can setup a push/pull fan configuration. Right now I am only pushing.
Overall this project has been very pleasurable. No big problem. Actually the hardest part was getting the foam with the backplate off my motherboard from the Big Typhoon.
- Atomic
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Im pretty sure I have to reseat the water block, but thats ok. Cause I got a sryinge filled with metal from germany today ( Came a lot quick them I thought it would.) And I really want to test this stuff out. If its as good as they say, I should be getting really really good load temps after I reseat with that stuff.

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Chill Atomic the TIM whatever brand can take several days to a week to set and perform at top specs, try a 48hr or 24/7 stress when your not tweakin it.
And grab that upgraders yellow mac/raincoat!
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