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Finally assembling my rig!

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After purchasing components from late June through now, I'm finally going to start assembling my rig. I'm about to get myself some sandpaper to lap my TRUE Black. Everything I have is listed in my system information except a lapped Q6600 I bought on here from Lu(ky. I'm going to push that as far as I can first then go to my Q9450. I'll post pics every step of the way.
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I guess new is subjective. Almost everything I have is used.
My hand hurts. Here's my lapping progress.

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I think I'm done for the night. I went to Wal-Mart for sandpaper and they didn't have anything past 400-grit. My dad has some 2000-grit, but I don't want to jump straight there from 400. I'll buy some 800 and 1200 tomorrow. Here's more pics.

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How do you keep that TRUE from bumping when you drag it over the sandpaper. Mine jumped and bumped and vibrated almost the whole time.. By the way What grit sandpaper did you start out with?
Never mind.... I read your thread.. 400. I started with 600 and I wish that I would have started with 400. Sure would have made it easier and faster. You gonna Lap your processor too>?
I started out with 60-grit ... much lower than I've ever heard anyone else starting out with. That's why it looks like I gouged at it with a butter knife in the first pic with material sanded away.

My dad gave me some great advice. He told me not to push down on my heatsink and just slide it across the sandpaper. It stopped stuttering across the sandpaper. That's the best way I can describe it.
They come pretty well leveled, it is best to start with a somewhat higher grit sand paper. Don't forget to keep washing away the debris!
I need to get some finer grit sandpaper tomorrow. I'm getting 800 and 1200 and will finish things off with 2000. I need to see if I can't find a washer laying around the house. If not, I'll have to buy one.

I also need to flash a Rampage Formula BIOS on my mobo. I remember reading this is paramount.
I think I'm done lapping my TRUE Black.

Not exactly a mirror finish, but it should serve my purposes well.
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I have my TRUE installed on my Q6600. I ordered some Scythe Slipsteams to slap on my TRUE last night along with another one for the back of the case and better 140mm fans. I'm going to order a fan controller tonight. I'll upload pics later tonight and probably resume assembly when my other fans come in.
The fan came in yesterday and I spent parts of the evening putting my rig together. I hooked up the peripherals and such and nothing showed up on my monitor. I figured out the problem later. I have a couple dozen pictures I'm in the process of uploading. I'll post them on here as soon as they're finished. Then I'll finish installing Windows and learn just how upsetting overclocking can be.
Behold: the NZXT Tempest.

Asus Maximus Formula:

lapped Q6600 purchased on here from Lu(ky:

Shin-Etsu thermal paste:

TRUE installed:

Scythe Slip Streams:

Koolance 140mm fans replaced the crap NZXT had in there:

The mobo installed with two Slip Streams on the TRUE:

Corsair TX750W:

PSU installed:

Mushkin XP2-8000:

RAM installed:

optical drive:

WD Raptor:

sound card:

HIS 1GB HD 4870:

sound and video cards installed:

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Good job. great choice of hardware. no velociraptor hd? Oh well. Maybe get a 1tb hd later for storing vids and apps. the 150gb raptor will fill up quick with games installed
wow. great setup chess

The Velociraptor seemed a little pricey at the time. I paid around $125 for my Raptor. I plan on using that rig for games only right now. We'll see how things go. If I feel the need for more storage, I can always buy another HDD.

I'm playing with my Q6600 now. I'm going to see what my maximum stable overclock is, then pop in my Q9450.
Core Temp says my VID is 1.275 on the Q6600. Is that good or bad?
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