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Finally buying a 360 again need help

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Ok any way i ran out my warranty last year and ended up buying a ps3 instead of paying to get 360 again. Im looking for some games that came out recently since i play every thing before nov last year.
Here is what i plan to buy with my 360 this x-mas what do you think?:

Lost Odyssey
Magnacarta 2
Halo 3: ODST
Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit
Xbox 360 Elite Holiday 2009 Bundle (comes with pure and lego batman)
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good games. try cod4 and mw2. must have games! definitely get the quick charge kid (it comes with only 1 rechargeable battery pack, you may need to buy a seperate one if u have two controllers) depending on your setup you may need a wireless network adapter (i know i needed one) and dont forget, do not buy the play as you charge kit. horrible... just horrible, go with the quick charge kit. the charge lasts 100x longer, and it charges properly. The play as you charge kit (cable which connects to xbox thru usb to your controller) does not charge properly, even if it is straight out of the box, and eventually screws up your batter pack. if you noticed, the quick charge kit is more expensive (by $10 i think) than the play as you charge, even tho the play as you charge seems to be better. anyways, yeah theres a reason for the $10 extra!

hope all goes well, good luck!
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FO3, AC2, are great also! but if you prefer get them on PC, also batman AA was great. OP flashpoint was good, MW2 online is amazing. gears of war 2 was pretty awesome also
If you're into racing games FM3 is a must have. =)
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