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Well, I brought my bass into the shop where I bought it two weeks before christmas. The pickups on it had covers that just started cracking randomly, so I decided to have them replaced, because I am a slight perfectionist. Of course, they said it would take two weeks to do the replacement. I called the wednesday after christmas, and they said they still hadn't received the parts from Peavey. I figured that with the holiday rush, shipping was a little crazy. Of course, I've called back three or four times, and they were still waiting for parts. Now, earlier in the week, they finally call to say that the pickups had arrived in Manchester, New Hampshire, where their repair/headquarters is located. According them, the bass will be shipped back to my town by monday, so I can pick it up sometime late next week. At least I had a $400 loaner, so they had to get the repairs done if they wanted to see it ever again
. I really love my bass, so I'll be glad to see it again. Next time I need work on the pickups, I'm going to buy me some of those EMG soapbars and route out my bass by myself. Probably going to be in the next three years when I finally get a summer job and bring in the money to get said pickups, a much better bass amp (I've currently got a 12W crate, but I want one of those 250W Fender Bassmans), and of course, some much needed upgrading for my computer. If you want to see my bass, here's a link:


I think I've got the sunburst finish, but it sould be the tiger eye or even a finish that they don't use anymore. Before any of you laugh, this is only my second bass, and it was the nicest one I could afford, as I didn't want another Squier. If you want to see my original bass, here's that link:


That bass was crap, and I will never buy another Squier. I'm sold on Peavey build quality, and if I want a Fender-style bass, I'll save up and get me a Butterscotch Blonde P-Bass. My Peavey sounds really good considering it only cost $260 with an extended warranty. I only paid $200 because I got $60 for my Squier POS. Of course, my guitar shop had a '74 Rickenbacker at one of its many locations. So anyway, I've the light is visible at the end of the tunnel, and I hope to have a joyful reunion. I'm never buying an Ibanez unless the necks get fixed. My loaner's got an awful neck that is painted, and plus it's much narrower and flatter than my Peavey's, so I'm getting a few wrong notes and it slaps too easily.
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