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Finding the limits of my Pentium D 805

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My 805 has had it too easy, and I decided to take it to the limit
. I'll be undervolting, and overclocking to the maximum. I will find limits to boot, limits to boot windows and successfully run CPU-Z, find the limit of SPi 1m, and SPi 32M.

So far, I only did boot tests:
Booted into BIOS at 1.1875v (lowest vCore in BIOS), and ran at 2.66GHz (DDR2-533)
Booted into BIOS at 4.4GHz, 1.475v (DDR2-440). I tried for 4.5GHz with 1.4875v, but it froze in the BIOS and upon restart, a hardware error beep code was heard. That scared the heck out of me and I stopped there.
Tomorrow I'll boot into Windows and do the other tests

Ran SuperPi at 4.1Ghz 1.475v, thats about the most voltage I wan't to give it. All it needs is a bit more voltage, and I'll hit 4.2Ghz. But, I worry about that.
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cool 4.4GHz is the max i seen around the forum. hope you can join them too
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