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Finished first build tonight! Temps ok? 56k warning

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Just finished my very first build as of a few hours ago. Thank you to those that helped me decide on a cooler. I ended up just being cheap and buying a 40$ corsair h50 from bestbuy. Figured if I wanted to upgrade later I would just return it and move on.

I've been running prime95 for about an hour now on and off. Currently at 4.5ghz with a 1.35 core voltage. I've been averaging about 35c idle temps and full load temps at about 64-70c. I'll continue to prime95 stress it to determine some stability, but do those temperatures sound ok?

Build: cost was about 1200$ after everything
msi p67a-gd65
evga superclocked gtx 570
8 gig 1600 ripjaw
corsair 750w
corsair h50 cooler

Few pics below also from tonights build. Oh and im aware that the ram isn't dual channel atm. I was having problems booting at first without a few bios tweeks. Its fixed now

Attempt one at wires

Attempt two at wires

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Seems okay to me, maybe a few degrees warmer than I would expect. You could always buy another fan or two fans for a push/pull configuration on the H50, it should give you a decent boost.
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