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Firefox 3.0.7 is out

Supports new languages, fixes security issues

This morning, the Mozilla Corporation released Firefox version 3.0.7, which now includes support for Estonian, Kannada, and Telugu languages. This is yet another forward attempt to globalize internet access in a way that promotes openness, innovation, and opportunity as expressed by the organization's policy.

The release also addresses several security and stability issues as usual, including those related to accessibility features. The following security issues have been addressed in this release:

MFSA 2009-11 URL spoofing with invisible control characters
MFSA 2009-10 Upgrade PNG library to fix memory safety hazards
MFSA 2009-09 XML data theft via RDFXMLDataSource and cross-domain redirect
MFSA 2009-08 Mozilla Firefox XUL Linked Clones Double Free Vulnerability
MFSA 2009-07 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:
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Awesome, good stuff! Thanks for the heads up!
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Thanks for the heads up
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What’s New in Firefox 3.0.7

Firefox 3.0.7 fixes several issues found in Firefox 3.0.6:

* Fixed several security issues.
* Fixed several stability issues.
* Official releases for the Estonian, Kannada, and Telugu languages are now available.
* Items in the "File" menu show as inactive after using the "Print" item from that menu - switching to a new tab restores them (bug 425844). This issue has been fixed.
* For some users, cookies would appear to go “missing†after a few days (bug 444600).
* Mac users of the Flashblock add-on, experienced an issue where sound from the Flash plug-in would continue to play for a short time after closing a tab or window (bug 474022).
* Fixed several issues related to accessibility features.
* See the Firefox 3.0.6 release notes for changes in previous releases.

See the complete list of bugs fixed.

You should add this into the OP. Not that all of us wouldn't update blindly regardless. I just thought it would be some useful information in this thread.
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Thanks for the heads up OP and thanks hiiyah very helpful

Looks like it's time to update as mine didn't auto update... again. lol
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I was about to post it.

Originally Posted by The Mad Mule View Post
Awesome, good stuff! Thanks for the heads up!

I see only security and bug fixes... not much good stuff.
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Weird, FF stopped loading pages all of the sudden. Shut it down, started it up again and it auto updated to 3.0.7... Wonder if the two were weirdly related.
I was taking a dump

and my FF updated itself to this

cool stuff
any one else getting crashes with 3.0.7? didn't have any with previous version.
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