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Guys its been awhile! Glad to announce bought a new house and built out a small room into my com-room. Running a 53U and taking old PCs and building them out for work/folding/data mining. Pics to come.

One issue I face is I use ATT fiber with their router and fiber runs to a converter 5ft from the router. Main floor is hard wired with shielded cat5e to the TVs. Running to the com room i want a way to prevent ATT from snooping into my servers on my racks. I'm running cat5e from the router to the room and implementing a 24 port switch. Unlike the main floor my office, game room and bedrooms are all hard wired to the com room on the second floor.

Is there a firewall hardware or software i can use to go before the 24 port switch to prevent any access from that point and all will need internet access. Would even another router work here?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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